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1. Introduction
2. General Posting Guidelines
3. Netiquette
4. Spoilers
5. List Managers


Welcome to DQMW-L!

Welcome to DQMW-L, the international Internet mailing list which discusses the U.S. television series Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman, which is about a woman doctor in Colorado Springs, Colorado in the late 1860-1870s, and almost anything related to it. DQMW-L was started in March 1994 by a viewer [Cynthia F.].

So, you've made the decision to join! Congratulations on taking that very important step to put you in touch with hundreds of others who share your interest in Dr. Quinn. The atmosphere is quite relaxed and diverse, with members ranging from students and teachers to doctors and lawyers, and everyone in between. For a condensed recounting of the creativity that's been shown here, be sure to retrieve the "History" file from the archives of this list. The reasons we're here might all be different, but when all is said and done—we love Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman.

If you do too, you've found the right place.

Now, before you get really comfortable on Cyn's Front Porch (our name for where we gather), there's a few things you should know. We've kept the following information brief, but there are several other files that are equally important. There is a FAQ (frequently asked questions), How to Deal with Listserv, and a List History file. All three can and should be retrieved using the following commands (sent to listserv@listserv.uga.edu with nothing else in the body of your e-mail):


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a. Please restrict your posts to subjects related to the series Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman, the actors and crew, story lines and related background or ther historical material, related appearances and articles, other related information sources, and your experiences related to the series.

b. The address for posting messages about the series and replying to other posts on the list is:


c. We originally requested that people post comments on an episode without reading other comments first. However, we don't mind reviews on reviews, as the episodes are now in syndication. When commenting on an episode, please use the title or some other description for that episode in the Subject line of your e-mail. The DQMW producers WERE subscribers to the list, and they did look for a wide variety and range of comments, so we hope you'll continue to share in that manner without feeling like you might be in the minority. That's what makes this List unique.

d. When movies air, we ask that you hold to the original request of posting comments on the movie without reading other comments first. This allows for a fresh review, unhindered or changed by other opinions, comments, or reviews. It also helps encourage discussion.

e. If you intentionally post something unrelated to DQMW, its staff, or the episodes, you might find yourself removed from the group. So, be careful.

f. In contrast to other listserv groups, DQMW-L has a policy that previous posts are NOT included in replies. Everyone has already read the original post so you do not need to repeat it. If you find it necessary to repost something someone has said, you should paraphrase, quote a few lines, or for example, say something like "I agree/disagree with what [name] said about [subject].

g. Replies with included original messages take up valuable space in the archives and we'd rather fill this space with the unique information for which we are known. Included replies also make the digest extremely long and cause problems on some mail systems.

h. Please keep the header routing information out of the message text if you quote a few lines. This is the To: From: type stuff. Header information in a reply confuses Listserv and it might not post your reply to the group.

i. Please combine several topics or responses into one longer post to DQMW-L rather than make lots of smaller posts. Do not post "me too" messages. Be sure your message is intended for the entire DQMW-L list and not just one individual. Double-check the "to" field to be certain your message is going where it's intended.

j. In general, it is a good idea to lurk awhile or to read some of the archived logs of posts (see "Commands" file) to get a feel for the list. For any one episode, we generally have list members who loved, liked, disliked, and hated the episode or specific parts.

k. You can ask for tapes of episodes on the list but please ask people to reply to you by private email. If you want to respond to a tape request, please use private email. Two companies have also produced various episodes. Look in the FAQ file for more information on merchandise.

l. If you have visited the Paramount Ranch (see FAQ file), please do not post a quote on DQMW-L, or any semblance of a quote, for anyone you may have been fortunate to talk to without asking their explicit permission. Please respect the privacy of that conversation.

m. Do NOT send e-mail attachments to the list. They DO NOT work with listserv.

n. If you post a survey, you must have people send their replies to your personal e-mail address not back to DQMW-L. You should summarize the answers and post the summary of your results to DQMW-L.

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a. Lewd, crude, and vulgar postings is cause for removal from DQMW-L.

b. Flaming is prohibited and cause for removal from the list. Criticizing other people for their opinions is considered to be a flame. Please state your opinion without personally attacking someone else. Inciting arguments is also flaming and will be cause for removal. If it happens that someone is impolite or uses insults, the best strategy is to ignore and let the list owner deal with it. Strong responses only feed the flames.

c. Because this list is by subscription only, we ask that you not share anyone else's posts without securing their permission first. Cross-posting of your own messages is permitted, but do not copy and distribute an email shared by someone on this list without asking them if they mind.

d. If you have a response to a message that is not of general interest, please send it directly to that individual, rather than the whole list.

e. In case of crisis, do not blame the list managers. Please remember that running this list is a hobby and unpaid. If unusual things happen (e.g., repeated bouncing of messages, delivery errors, inappropriate postings, etc.), they will be fixed as soon as possible. When problems occur, be

f. Internet discussion groups are a large part of the electronic community. Remember that the written word is understood differently than the spoken word so please edit your posts for clarity and remove inappropriate emotion which may lead to flaming. If you disagree with someone about the series, please remember that we are each entitled to our own opinions. Try to understand the other person's perspective without dismissing it or making them feel wrong for feeling the way they do. Ask for clarification if you don't understand something and assume that the other person is well-intentioned.

g. Play nicely... if you don't, you WILL be removed from the list.

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Although new episodes are no longer airing, actors' new movies and the Dr. Quinn movies are often discussed here. When reviewing, please follow these guidelines:

Because we have some members who do not want to know leaks or "spoilers" about upcoming episodes/movies, please use the word "SPOILER" in the subject. The first line of the message body must also indicate there is a SPOILER below. You can also leave space or count down a few rows before you write your spoiler - this is optional as long as the first line of the message body is "SPOILER".

If you are not sure that something is a spoiler, be conservative and still follow the above format. It is your responsibility to follow the format if you want to post about spoilers. If you don't follow this format, you may be removed from the list.

If you are commenting or further discussing a spoiler, you should also follow the above format.

If you don't want to know spoilers, it is your responsibility to not read posts properly marked as SPOILERS. Do not personally speak out against someone for posting spoilers if they have followed the stated format.

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Please contact a list manager:

Henry at henry@english.uga.edu
Pat at patball@worldnet.att.net

if you need help with your subscription.

Pat is the current active manager. When this is switched to Henry, an announcement will be posted on DQMW-L.

Now, you're all set to join the wonderful world of Quinn. You might want to send an email to DQMW-L introducing yourself and why you like DQMW (as well as what you don't like about it...). This is a very friendly list. We're glad you could join us.

Above all—HAVE FUN!

Thank you,
Cynthia F.


Pat B.

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