We are featuring a tribute to this memorable weekend shared by fans from all over the world, with very special appearances made by the cast and crew of Dr. Quinn.

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The History

Twelve years after the first call for "action" was heard, Dr. Quinn still has a very strong and loyal following, not only in the hearts of those who faithfully watched it from week to week, but also maintaining a warm place in the hearts of those who breathed life into its very soul, making Dr. Quinn what it is today. It is the cast and crew and the fans for whom these Reunion events were held.

Paramount Ranch (P-RANCH) as it is now, 2004 (Agoura Hills, CA)

The Ranch, owned by Paramount and part of the Santa Monica National Park, has been the location for films, movies and television shows since the 1920's. It was given a boost in the media world when international hit TV show, Dr. Quinn, filmed there from 1992-1998. Although it's gone through many changes over the years, including a renovation to a 1930's town, it has once again been restored to its original "Western Town" look.

Pranch hotel **
Pranch hotel 2 **
Pranch hotel 3 **
Pranch meadow 1 **
Pranch meadow 2 **
Pranch meadow 3 **
Pranch gazette **
Pranch clinic **
Pranch clinic 1 **
Pranch saloon 1 **
Pranch saloon 2 **
Pranch chateau site **

Although the buildings don't look the same, the spirit of Dr. Quinn still lives within the walls of every structure, the voices blowing on the winds passing through the town streets.

Pranch town 1 **
Pranch town 2 **
Pranch town 3 **
Pranch bank
Pranch cafe **
Pranch barbershop **
Pranch mercantile 1 **
Pranch mercantile 2 **
Pranch mercantile 3 **
Pranch jail 1 **
Pranch train station **
Pranch jail 2 **

KICK-OFF DINNER at the Marriott Renaissance Hotel (Agoura Hills, CA)

Serving as the unofficial kickoff to the Reunion Weekend events, fans wanted to gather in a time-honored tradition at the local Hamburger Hamlet, about five minutes from the set of Dr. Quinn. Known as being a favorite place to go after filming, this restaurant was frequented by cast and crew members as well as fans throughout the duration of the show. One problem existed:

The Hamburger Hamlet was closed!

Despite disappointment upon hearing this news earlier, the group gathered at the hotel in one of the rooms on the main floor for an equally nice dinner, evening of conversation, fun and laughter. A constant buzz of voices and the flashing of cameras became a backdrop to the evening. After dinner, everyone was led into another room where tables displayed samples of Jane's household collection, artwork and children's clothing line, all offered at half price for members. With the limited availability of these products throughout the US stores, having a sample provided an added bonus.

It was a very special time with friends, all of whom share not only a love for this incredible show but many other shared interests as well. There is an instinctive trust when Dr. Quinn fans meet, and from the beginning, a comfort level is established that is hard to describe. This first night was just the beginning.

photos © Judy T

Members BEACH PARTY at Zuma Beach (Malibu, CA)—Scenic pictures in this section FOR SALE

A noticeable difference in temperature from the Valley to the beach welcomed everyone who ventured to the beautiful if somewhat windy Zuma Beach along the Pacific Coast. Not a popular beach, fighting for space on the sand was not a problem. With beach chairs and towels, ice chests and vinyl storage containers, the group huddled together in a somewhat lopsided circle to bask in the salty air, the warmth among the group warming more than the temperatures ever could.

beach 1 **
beach 2 **
beach 3 **

A few ventured down to the water to stick their feet in the cold surf, watch the waves crash upon the rocks or simply enjoy the sound and feel of being at the beach. Introductions were made for those who had been unable to attend the dinner the night before, and connections from a computer screen to an in-person face finally helped bring everyone together. Before long, several hours passed, and it was time to get back to the hotel to prepare for the welcome dinner that evening.

beach group (© Judy T)
beach 4 **
beach group (© Judy T)

Members WELCOME DINNER at the Marriott Renaissance Hotel (Agoura, CA)

The group gathered in the lobby around six o'clock, conversations abounding and more introductions being made. Excitement and chatter could be heard no matter where you went, and before long, the group was escorted into the reserved room for dinner.

welcome (© Judy T)
welcome (© Judy T)
welcome (© Judy T)

Once again, flashing cameras, chatter and laughter created a now comfortable overture as more friendships were reunited, introduced or established. A unique bond among everyone present made the atmosphere warm and inviting throughout the meal. After dinner, door prizes were called and more raffle tickets were sold for the special reunion dinner the next night. A technical glitch with the audio/video equipment prevented the big screen display of a special music video comprised of clips and scenes from various Dr. Quinn episodes, but thanks to the provision of a laptop, the video could be enjoyed by everyone present.

Huntington Gardens ART SHOW featuring a Jane Seymour Art Display (San Marino, CA)Rose Garden pictures in this section FOR SALE

Hot, blazing sun and the constant need for water to soothe parched throats cut this event short. Nevertheless, a stop by the art show to view Jane's latest creations and the refreshing cold air from inside made the trip worthwhile. Special posters to celebrate the event were available for sale, along with a random sample of Jane's newest paintings, four of which were used for the Huntington Collection originals. Although Jane could not make an appearance, her presence could be felt within the canvases of her paintings.

Church at St. Catherine's
Huntington Rose Garden
Huntington Garden 2
Woman in Thought
Woman Reading
Japanese Bridge
Rose Garden 1 **
Rose Garden 2 **
Rose Garden 3 **
Rose Garden 4 **
Rose Garden 5 **
Rose Garden 6 **
Rose Garden 7 **
Rose Garden 8 **
Rose Garden 9 **

Dr. Quinn Cast/Fan REUNION DINNER at the Calamigos Ranch (Calabasas, CA)Pictures in this section FOR SALE

This event the cast/fan dinner took place on Saturday, May 1st, at the Calamigos Ranch in Calabasas, CA. The dinner was held to thank the fans for their support and to thank the cast/crew who had given so much for the enjoyment of the millions who had welcomed Dr. Quinn into their homes every Saturday night for six years. Beginning at 6:30pm and running until just after 11pm, it included appearances by six cast and seven crew from Dr. Quinn. Everyone mingled together, some meeting for the first time and other renewing old friendships—just like a family reunion. No separation between cast, crew or fan existed. Conversations were held, friendships were renewed, new friendships were established, many photos were taken, and memories were made.

Welcome banner **
Frank & Helene **
Frank & Helene 2 **
Helene **
Helene & Beth **
Helene **

The majority of the special guests were already present by the time the members arrived. Gathering on the wooden patio outside the main building and in the open field below, you could easily find Frank Collison (Horace) with his daughter, and Helene Udy (Myra) who enjoyed a brief moment in Frank's arms for a wonderful photo opportunity. Jennifer Youngs (Ingrid) and her husband, Ronnie Champagne, along with her father, John Savage, spent most of their mingle time right at the edge of the patio stairs leading to the meadow. Shawn Toovey (Brian) and his girlfriend, Danette made quite an impression on everyone, especially those who remembered little Brian Cooper and were now seeing a young man standing about six feet tall. Jane Seymour (Dr. Mike) spent time chatting and posing for pictures then happily reuniting with Beth Sullivan (executive producer), and Jessica Bowman (Colleen Cooper 2) mingled in and out of crowds. The crew members weren't as visible, but not many recognized them because only their names were known in connection with the show, not their faces. After introductions were made, William Olvis (music), Kathryn Ford (writer), Jeanne Davis (writer), Toni Ellis (associate producer), Chuck Bowman (director) and Cheri Ingle (costume designer) all received warm welcomes and quickly became a part of many conversations. Eve Brenner (Sam Lindsey in "Pike's Peace") returned again as the fan-favorite guest star.

Jennifer **
Jane **
Jennifer & Ronnie **
Beth **
Shawn **
Jennifer & Frank **

The atmosphere welcomed everyone, and when the call to dinner was sounded, many didn't want to stop their conversations long enough to eat. After a group cast/crew photo, members made their way inside to find their seats, even trailing their conversations to their tables. A welcome was made by coordinator, Pam Hughes, with special announcements and introductions. When the members were announced, Kathryn Ford led a standing ovation from the cast and crew—a touching tribute of thanks for the support of the fans.

Beth & Shawn (© Judy T )
Shawn & Eliza (© Judy T )
Jane (© Julie)
Beth & Shawn (© Julie)

Thus began the special dinner, with the videographer walking around to all the tables and recording individual introductions forever preserved on the event video/DVD. After dinner music was provided by Jen Youngs and Ronnie Champagne, inspiring Beth Sullivan and Shawn Toovey to 'trip the light fantastic' on the hardwood dance floor in the center of the room. A handful of others followed suit, but the majority either remained at their seats or began mingling.

Jane Seymour offered her apologies and had to leave right after dinner to attend a business meeting with the heads of the production company of her current film. Jessica Bowman also left not long after, followed by Chuck Bowman and his wife. The remaining cast and crew stayed until the very end.

Kathryn & Beth **
Jeanne & Kathryn **
Shawn & Danette **
Shawn 2 **
Willian & Eve **
William & Cheri **

All too soon, the clock struck eleven, and the dinner had come to a close. Although nostalgia presented a bittersweet overture to the evening, the memories of the night would stay with everyone in attendance for a long time.

Dr. Quinn FAREWELL BREAKFAST at the Marriott Renaissance Hotel (Agoura Hills, CA)

A feeling of melancholy hung over everyone that morning, but enjoyment and happiness at the experiences from the weekend overpowered the disappointment that the time together had come to an end. Smiles and laughter dominated the conversations over a nourishing meal, and amidst the sampling of eggs, pancakes, sausage, fruit and other breakfast foods, digital cameras were unveiled and memorable moments from the weekend were shared. As everyone established closure in their own way, a common bond was shared that would last for years to come. The majority of the members parted ways after breakfast, but a handful remained to soak up the southern California sun and prolong the enjoyment for a few more days.

Everything came around full-circle with a feeling of completeness with which to cap the bottle containing the experiences and memories of this weekend. A time of laughter, joy and memories was had, but all in attendance joined together and shared a rich treasure to be held close to hearts all over the world.

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