We are featuring a tribute to this memorable weekend shared by fans from all over the world, with very special appearances made by the cast and crew of Dr. Quinn.

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The History

Dr. Quinn first began its journey into the homes of households in the United States on January 1, 1993, but the real beginning took place one year prior to that, when filming of the very first episode and Pilot occurred. Although no one believed this show would amount to anything, the cast and crew believed in it and its message, and thus poured their hearts and souls into bringing it to life. A couple of months later, they received word of the show being a big success and sixteen additional episodes were ordered. From there, the show went on to become a world-wide success, airing in over 98 countries and making "Dr. Quinn" a household word.

Ten years after the first call for "action" was heard, the show still has a very strong and loyal following, not only in the hearts of those who faithfully watched it from week to week, but also maintaining a warm place in the hearts of those who breathed life into its very soul, making Dr. Quinn what it is today. It is to this show that we now pay tribute, and to the honor of the cast and crew for whom these Reunion events were held.

Hamburger Hamlet Kick-Off Dinner (Agoura Hils, CA)

Serving as the unofficial kickoff to the Reunion Weekend events, fans gathered in a time-honored tradition at the local Hamburger Hamlet, about five minutes from the set of Dr. Quinn. Known as being a favorite place to go after filming, this restaurant was frequented by cast and crew members as well as fans throughout the duration of the show. An open invitation was extended to anyone who was already in town for the events, and as the evening got underway, there was a buzz of conversation floating around the long table, some wondering if they were sitting in the exact seats that had been occupied by a favorite cast member at one time.

It was a very special time with friends, all of whom share not only a love for this incredible show and its cast but a genuine liking for each other as well. There is an instinctive trust when Dr. Quinn fans meet, and from the beginning, a comfort level is established that is hard to describe. This first night was just the beginning.


Dr. Quinn Beach Party (Malibu, CA)

Equipped with beach chairs, ice chests, umbrellas, sunscreen, water, towels, and a myriad of other items, those attending the beach party arrived at Zuma Beach near Tower 3, about 1-1/2 miles up from Pointe Dume around 11am. The weather was a bit cool, but comfortable, and the towels and chairs were immediately set up in a large circle, the beautifully-crafted sign (created and decorated by Carolyn W. and her daughter) designating our area set up for everyone to see.

Contributed by Brandy B Contributed by Judi D Contributed by Brandy B
Zuma Beach Surf
The group at Zuma Beach
Zuma Beach

Arrivals were scattered over the next hour or so, and the wind began to increase in intensity, so the somewhat large cluster of towels and chairs soon became a much smaller one in an effort to block the wind from chilling everyone to bone. Some brave souls stepped into the ocean water of the Pacific, and some took the walk down to Pointe Dume. Most just gathered in groups, mingling and chatting and meeting new people as well as putting faces to familiar names. Around 2pm, the weather had turned too windy for any further enjoyment, so everyone gathered for a group picture, then packed up their things and headed back to respective lodging locations.

P-Ranch Tour (Agoura Hills, CA)

Two separate sets of tours were actually given, but to reduce confusion, coverage will be combined into one summary. Lee and Bob Smith, who were regular background actors on Dr. Quinn, led the tour at the set. A feeling of nostalgia was evident among those who had been to the set during filming or on previous locations as well as those who were visiting for the first time. The remnants of days gone by could still be felt coursing through the heart of the town, and if you closed your eyes and listened, you could still hear the wagons rumbling down the street, the clip-clop of the horses hooves as they struck the dirt, the sounds of the townsfolk on their way to their daily activities, and the general hustle and bustle of the small town.

Sign at P-Ranch entrance
The Meadow during filming
The Meadow - today

The tour was full of rich and detailed stories, regaling the antics of the actors and the crewmembers, as told by Lee and Bob, mixed with some tidbits and memories of some of those present. The group was first taken up the hill away from town to be shown the site of the old homestead, then returned to the area of the Cheyenne reservation. Lee then took over and led the group across the bridge that led from the parking lot back in time to the Western Town, and from there slowly walked through the town, past the meadow where the church and schoolhouse once stood, past the Library and the Gazette office, around the corner to walk by the clinic and Gold Nugget saloon, passing Robert E and Grace's home and the boardinghouse on the right as Bray's Mercantile appeared directly in front. A left turn led the way down the second street, and the barber shop, sheriff's office, livery and bank lined the sides, with the Depot straight ahead. Ending at Grace's café seemed to be a fitting closure, as this was the central locale for the cast and crew during filming.

Town view from the meadow
Main street
Main street - II

Once the tour concluded, many took off on their own to walk out and around past the depot towards the field, where they could find the areas where the Chateau had once stood and around to the left to walk on the new homestead land, once again reliving everything that had happened on that very same ground. A walk down memory lane, the voices of the past still lingering in the weathered buildings of the town, and the whispers still floating on the wind.

The Homestead during filming
Homestead site
Sully's homestead - filming


Malibu Creek State Park Tour

Used for many of the adventure scenes and episodes which required a much rougher terrain than the P-Ranch provided, Malibu Creek State Park first gained its fame with Dr. Quinn with the episode, Bad Water, but made its appearance again in several other notable episodes such as The Abduction, Washita, Hell on Wheels and Moment of Truth. This tour was led by Paula Evans, aka "Storm Goodbody" to those who know her, and the familiar locations of filming were brought to life by her entertaining and unique storytelling approach.

sign at state park entrance
Opening credits view
Malibu Creek

The tour began at the first bridge crossing over Malibu Creek, famous from Washita, and continued down the path and past an open meadow to the next bridge over the creek, well-known for being the site of the shot in the opening credits of the canyon towering above the water. Just a short walk from there, and two of the famous trees from Bad Water are pointed out. A few steps around the corner, and "that rock with all of them holes in it" from Bad Water is spotted. Although it wasn't known at the time this was first seen, that rock also housed the famous "Honey & Berries" cave from The Abduction just at the bottom, and the next stop was that cave, so everyone could take turns posing and getting their pictures taken in the cave. Some amorous couples even attempted to reenact the scene, resulting in a lot of chuckles and smiles from those watching.

hairbrushing tree - Bad Water
The Honey & Berries Cave
weeds for hiding - Bad Water

The next stop was back down and around the path which led below the cave and ran right alongside the creek. This was where the "do up the buttons" tree was spotted, in addition to a number of other scenes in Bad Water, as well as the rock where Sully and Matthew had their fight in Hell on Wheels. The walk progressed over the rocky terrain and wound around to the left, ending at the pool into which Mike and Sully had jumped after their leap from the cliffs above to escape the Dog Soldiers in The Abduction. The open area where everyone gathered was also the area in the Pilot where Sully and Michaela had taken off on foot to climb the rocks and find Brian. Finally, concluding the tour, some adventurous souls climbed to the top of the high rock and found the site for Harding's camp in Bad Water which also served as the area where Sully and O'Conner fought in Moment of Truth. Just one more adventure back in time.

The "buttons" tree after 1998 flood - Bad Water
Rock wall from Hell on Wheels
uppercliff overlook - used in several episodes


Dr. Quinn Cast/Fan Reunion Dinner (Calabasas, CA)

The biggest official event was the cast/fan dinner held on Friday, April 19th, at the Calamigos Ranch in Calabasas, CA. This dinner was held to thank the fans for their support and to thank the cast/crew who had agreed to be interviewed for the DQ Times magazine. Beginning at 6pm and running until after 11pm, it included appearances by many members of the cast and crew from Dr. Quinn. Everyone mingled together like a family reunion, and that's just what this was. There was no distinction between cast, crew or fan at this dinner. Conversations were held, friendships were renewed, new friendships were established, many photos were taken, and memories were made.

"Excuse me!" - Jane hugs Chad Allen, while Joe Lando and Jim Knobeloch stand by
The cast of Dr. Quinn present at the Reunion Dinner
(l-r) Eve Brenner (Sam Lindsey), Jane Seymour and Jennifer Youngs (Ingrid)
Contributed by Judi D
Contributed by Judi D
Contributed by Janine B
Beth Sullivan directs the cast of Dr. Quinn present at the Reunion Dinner
The cast of Dr. Quinn present at the Reunion Dinner
(l-r) Shawn Toovey, Chad Allen, Joe Lando, Jane Seymour, Jim Knobeloch, William Shockley


Frank Collison (Horace) was one of the first to make an appearance with his daughter, followed soon after by the Calabrese family (triplets who played Katie), Helene Udy (Myra), Shawn Toovey (Brian) and his girlfriend, Jane Seymour (Dr. Mike) and James Keach (director), William Shockley (Hank) and Joe Lando (Sully). Others in attendance were Henry Sanders (Robert E), Jonelle Allen (Grace) , Chad Allen (Matthew), Beth Sullivan (executive producer) and Jim Knobeloch (Jake), William Olvis (music), Kathryn Ford (writer), Jeanne Davis (writer), Orson Bean (Loren) and Alley Mills (Marjorie), Lee and Bob Smith (background actors), Brandon Douglas (Dr. Andrew Cook), Jennifer Youngs (Ingrid), and Alex Meneses (Teresa Morales). A very special guest appearance was made by Eve Brenner (Sam Lindsey in "Pike's Peace"), and it was clear that she is a fan-favorite. Those who were unable to attend were Barbara Babcock (Dorothy), Geoffrey Lower (Reverend), Erika Flores (1st Colleen), Jessica Bowman (2nd Colleen), Nick Ramus (Black Kettle), Larry Sellers (Cloud Dancing), Sara Davidson (writer), and a handful of other crew members who were invited.

Contributed by Janine B
Contributed by Janine B
Contributed by Linda R
William Shockley (Hank)
Jane Seymour (Michaela)
Alley Mills (Marjorie Quinn)
Shawn Toovey (Brian) & Joe Lando (Sully)
Contributed by Linda R
Contributed by Becky H
Contributed by Judi D
Contributed by Judi D
Orson Bean (Loren), Alley Mills (Marjorie), Shawn Toovey (Brian) & Danette
Jane Seymour (Michaela) & Joe Lando (Sully)
Jane Seymour (Michaela) & Joe Lando (Sully)
Joe, Jane & Megan, McKenzie & Lexi Calabrese (Katie)


The atmosphere was so welcoming, that when the call to dinner was sounded, many didn't want to stop their conversations long enough to eat. Nevertheless, dinner was served and eaten, followed by some touching, heartwarming, and even humorous speeches as a cordless microphone made its way around the room. The overture of the rich sounds of William Olvis' timeless music helped set the tone for the entire evening, and by the end of the night, everyone had difficulty saying good-bye.

Contributed by Brandy B Contributed by Linda R Contributed by Brandy B
Eve Brenner and Jane Seymour
Shawn Toovey and girlfriend, Danette
Orson Bean (Loren)
Helene Udy (Myra) and William Shockley


Dr. Quinn High Tea at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel (Los Angeles, CA)

A feeling of melancholy seemed to hang over the atmosphere at this event. Enjoyment and happiness were felt as special moments from the events were shared among all who gathered, but there was also a sense of resistance to say farewell to the memories made during this weekend. Nevertheless, smiles and laughter dominated the conversations in the room, and amidst the light sampling of tea, finger sandwiches and fruit, scrapbooks were opened, photos were shared, and mementos from various occasions were displayed. As everyone established closure in their own way, there was a common bond shared that would last for years to come, and although this was the last of the "official" events, lasting three hours on Saturday afternoon, many chose to conclude their time once more at the Hamburger Hamlet in Agoura, a fitting end to bring everything around full-circle and establish a feeling of completeness with which to cap the bottle containing the experiences and memories of this weekend. A time of laughter, joy and bittersweet memories, but all joined together in a rich treasure to be held close to hearts all over the world.

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