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Timeline and Nitpicks

Providing visitors to our town with 150 hours of fun, excitement, and romance, "Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman" has left its mark on the television industry and against the tide of a male-oriented world, has succeeded.

Despite the pleasure gotten out of the series, there may be some problems you've had with some of the episodes. Have you ever watched an episode of our show and just thought something didn't make sense? Did you remember when there was a previous mention of a specific date that has now been changed? Or perhaps you would just like to see where some of the events in the series fall in a timeline. We apologize for any errors, but sometimes, they just manage to escape our notice.

You can also find a sample compilation of editing errors visitors have caught while watching Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman. The "bloopers" will be listed under their corresponding episode title. Do you remember any of them? Do you have to go back and watch your episodes to find them? Do you have some of your own to add? This is the place for you!

Whatever reason you have for visiting this section of our town, we hope you will enjoy your time here. If there's a nitpick you have that you don't see here, please visit our telegraph and share it with Robert E. He'll be sure to get it to us for updates, but make certain you provide the season and episode.

Now, feel free to read through timeline or just jump right to the nitpicks. Wherever you choose to visit first, enjoy and have fun!

??? -- Rebecca Quinn born; Boston, Massachusetts (First Dr. Quinn novel)

??? -- Charlotte Cooper born; ??? ("A New Beginning")

??? -- Marjorie Ann Quinn born; Boston, Massachusetts ("A Time to Heal", "Seven Kinds of Lonely")

February 15 -- Michaela Anne Quinn born; Boston, Massachusetts ("Pilot", "Happy Birthday", "Revolutions")

December 9 -- Byron Sully born on a boat to the United States from England. ("Where the Heart Is")

1839 (1841?)
??? -- Abigail Bray born ("Pilot", "Rite of Passage", among others)

??? -- Matthew Cooper born; Topeka, Kansas ("Pilot")

October -- Colleen Cooper born; Topeka, Kansas ("Pilot")

??? -- Coopers move to Colorado Springs ("Pilot")

April -- Brian Cooper born; Colorado Springs, Colorado. ("Pilot" and "Halloween")
??? -- Sully arrives in Colorado Springs ("Pilot")

??? -- Abigail Bray and Byron Sully marry(?) ("Pilot", "The Healing")

1863 (1865 on tombstone)
May 8 -- Abigail Sully dies in childbirth; Denver, Colorado. Is buried in Colorado Springs with stillborn daughter, Hannah. ("Pilot", "The Healing", and others)

??? -- After shooting a Confederate officer, Sully deserts the army. ("A Washington Affair")

??? -- Robert E. arrives in Colorado Springs

1867 ("Pilot")
February 14 -- Josef Quinn dies.
Late Summer -- Dr. Michaela Quinn arrives in Colorado Springs, Colorado.
Fall -- Charlotte Cooper dies.
Maud Bray dies.
December -- Mike saves Black Kettle's life. Receives the name "Medicine Woman" from him.

1868 ("The Epidemic" through "Dr. Mike's Dream: A Christmas Story")
January -- Influenza epidemic sweeps the town. ("The Epidemic")
Ethan Cooper comes to town and steals the money for the school. ("Father's Day")
February -- Kid Cole becomes Colorado Springs' first sheriff, but only serves a short term. ("Law of the Land")
April -- Matthew and Ingrid become engaged ("Rite of Passage")
May -- Colleen nearly loses her hands after they are frostbitten. ("Heroes")
Brian suffers a concussion and is saved by surgery ("The Operation")
The schoolhouse is built. ("The Operation")
The guardian of Hank's son, Zach, dies and Hank sends him to art school in Denver ("The Secret")
October -- Marcus Jennings dies and his wife, Dorothy, moves to town. ("The Sanctuary")
November 13 -- Robert E. and Grace marry. ("Saving Souls")
Kid Cole and Sister Ruth become engaged ("Saving Souls")
Mike and Sully proclaim their love for each other during Mike's trip to Boston to see her family. ("Where the Heart Is")

1869 ("Crossing the Line" though "The First Christmas")
January -- A typhus epidemic affects the Cheyenne Reservation. ("The Offering")
April -- Michaela is abducted by the Dog Soldiers. ("The Abduction")
May -- Jake is elected mayor of Colorado Springs. ("The Election")
Myra tears up her contract with Hank. ("The Election")
Hank falls into a coma after a severe head injury obtained at Horace and Myra's engagement party. ("Man in the Moon")
June -- Sully proposes to Mike. ("Return Engagement")
Horace and Myra marry. ("Return Engagement"
July -- Work begins on the railroad to come to Colorado Springs. ("The Train")
October -- Olive Bray dies along the Santa Fe Trail. ("Cattle Drive")
November -- Michaela, Sully, Cloud Dancing, and the children travel to Washington D.C. to lobby on behalf of the Cheyenne. ("A Washington Affair")

1870 ("Indian Agent" through "Fifi's First Christmas")
January 7 -- Sully is sworn in as Indian Agent. ("Indian Agent")
January 28 -- Samantha Bing born; Colorado Springs, Colorado ("Pike's Peace")
Sam dies trying to climb Pike's Peak in Mike's arms ("Pike's Peace")
February -- Ethan Cooper petitions for custody of Colleen and Brian ("Cooper vs. Quinn")
May 20 -- Michaela Quinn and Byron Sully marry -- Colorado Springs, Colorado ("For Better or Worse")
June -- Preston A. Lodge III moves to Colorado Springs ("A New Life")
October -- Ingrid dies from rabies ("Brother's Keeper")

1871 ("A Change of Heart" through "Season of Miracles")
January -- Robert E. and Grace decide to adopt a young boy named Anthony, who has a mysterious illness ("A Change of Heart").
Early February -- Sully leads an expedition to find a young boy who has been kidnapped by McBride, a mountain man who refuses to change with the times. ("Dead or Alive")
Mike has problems with her pregnancy and is forced to allow Dr. Cassidy to take over her practice while she remains in bed, fearing she may lose the baby. ("Dead or Alive")
Mid-February -- The church is repaired. ("Deal With the Devil")
February 18 -- A man is hung for the rape of a young girl and murder of an older couple. ("Eye for an Eye") March 4 -- The Indian school on the reservation, run by Reverend Johnson, opens. ("Hearts and Minds")
March 25 -- Mike's friend, Miriam, arrives for a visit ("Reunion").
April -- Cloud Dancing is put on trial for presumely killing a soldier and is acquitted ("One Nation")
Early May -- Dr. Andrew Cook arrives in Colorado Springs with Mike's mom to assist in her delivery. He remains there.("When a Child is Born")
May 17 --Ground is broken on the construction of the chateau. ("When a Child is Born")
May 18 -- Katherine Elizabeth Sully born; Colorado Springs, Colorado ("When a Child is Born")
May 19 -- Sully is fired from his job as Indian Agent ("When a Child is Born")
May 20 -- Myra leaves Horace and takes Samantha with her to St. Louis
August -- Colleen leaves for college ("Having it All")
September -- Mike is accused of malpractice ("Malpractice")
October -- Katie is christened with Robert E. and Grace as her godparents ("Los Americanos")
November -- Jake's father wanders into town and dies, leaving Jake a gold nugget. ("Remember Me")
The completed chateau opens, but is damaged by a tornado ("The Tempest")
December -- The Gold Nugget opens ("Seperate but Equal")
Mike is forced to burn everything in the clinic when people keep falling ill everytime they are treated ("A Place to Die")
The Reverend goes blind at Christmas ("Season of Miracles")

1872 ("The Dam" through "Homecoming")
January -- Sully is thrown in jail for a month when Matthew feels he broke the law when trying to prevent a dam from being built ("The Dam")
April -- Horace and Myra officially divorce ("Before the Dawn")
May -- Sully falls over a cliff in a fight with Sgt. O'Conner and is presumed dead for a week ("Moment of Truth"). He becomes a fugitive from the law for his involvement with the Indian uprising ("Moment of Truth" through "Safe Passage").
Daniel Simon arrives for the second time in Colorado Springs. ("Reason to Believe")
Mike, Daniel, Matthew, and Brian find Sully near death a week after his disappearance ("Reason to Believe")
August -- Daniel is elected sheriff of Colorado Springs. ("A Matter of Conscience")
October -- Mike has a miscarriage ("Comfort of Friends")
November -- Anthony dies from sickle-cell anemia ("A Place Called Home")
Becky dies from diptheria ("A Time to Heal")
Marjorie Quinn dies from diptheria ("A Time to Heal")
December 13 -- Sully is freed ("Safe Passage")
Black Moon dies and the remaining band of Dog Soldiers is granted safe passage to the north ("Safe Passage")
December 24 -- Sully and Mike return home after the Dog Soliders are safely north ("Homecoming")

1873* ("Seven Kinds of Lonely" through "A New Beginning")
January -- Robert E. and Grace seperate ("Seven Kinds of Lonely")
Teresa accepts Jake's proposal ("Seven Kinds of Lonely")
Cloud Dancing is granted amnesty by the citizens of Colorado Springs ("Happily Ever After")
January 31 -- Jake Slicker marries Teresa Morales; Colorado Springs, Colorado ("Happily Ever After")
February 28-- Mike is nearly killed by a man seeking vengeance for his wife's death in Denver ("Point Blank")
May -- Robert E. and Grace reconcile ("The Fighter") and find out they are going to become parents ("A New Beginning")
Jake sells his intrest in the Gold Nugget to Preston ("A New Beginning")
Preston goes bankrupt from the Panic of 1873 ("A New Beginning")
May 2 -- Mike and Sully decide to try for another baby ("To Have and to Hold")
May 3 -- Mike and Sully honor their deceased child from the miscarriage when Sully shows Mike the tree he planted for the child.("To Have and To Hold")
May 16 -- Colleen Cooper marries Dr. Andrew Cook; Colorado Springs, Colorado ("A New Beginning")

1877 ("Revolutions")
February 15 -- The following events happen:

  • Michaela's Birthday

  • Sully votes against a mining company to mine copper near Colorado Springs

  • Katie is kidnapped by the men who Sully voted against

  • February 27th -- The body of a young girl believed to be Katie is found.
    March 1st -- The funeral for Katie.
    March 29th -- Katie is found to be alive and in Mexico.
    March 30th -- The posse leaves for Mexico.
    April 13th -- The posse arrives in Mexico. Brian is shot that night.
    April 14th -- The following events happen:
  • Sully finds Katie with Carraway

  • Mike, Jake, and Horace are arrested and sentenced to death for helping what the soldiers believe is an enemy of the state.

  • Sully goes to rescue Katie and is captured.

  • April 15th -- The following events happen:
  • Sully is freed and allowed to take Katie home.

  • Sully and Robert E. rescue Mike, Horace, and Jake in the nick of time.

  • Brian and Cloud Dancing rejoin the posse.

  • Early May -- Mike's birthday is recelebrated, this time also a welcome home party for the family and the posse.

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