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? Trivia ?

So, you love to watch our show, and you think you know everything about it? Well, try these questions, and you're certain to change your mind. There are answers provided at the bottom of each set. However, before looking at the answers, try your hand at the questions, and see how much you know. You can even test your friends and see how much they know. Who knows? Perhaps they could even provide you with some answers you don't know. Most of all, have fun!

There has also been a start of crossword puzzles for the show and specific episodes. It stopped at "Law of the Land" but perhaps if you contacted the webmaster, she would begin them again. Check them out!

The questions listed below were compiled on the Dr. Quinn Discussion List (copyright 1997) and all rights belong to those involved. Distribution for the purpose of profit is forbidden. Selling these questions or reproducing for the purpose of profit is strictly forbidden.


** These are for your enjoyment, only. No right answers, but just to get you started. Feel free to discuss your answers on the Message Board with others.

1. Your favorite good doer?

2. Your favorite bad doer?

3. Who grates on your nerves the most?

4. Through which episode(s) did you snooze?

5. Who on DQ should run for President?

6. Who needs a new love?

7. Who has the fakest accent?

8. Who needs a hair cut?

9. Who has the fakest wig/hair?

10. What will Katie grow up to be?

11. Who is your favorite character to watch?

12. Who is your least favorite character?

13. What is your favorite medical case that Dr. Mike handled?

14. Who gets your award for klutz?

15. Who is the most graceful actor/actress?

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