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Episode Guide

This guide is a result of the work and cooperation of several people who belong to the Dr. Quinn Discussion List. It may be distributed by email, but not sold or copyrighted. Please keep the document intact and include an acknowledgement of their work with any copies you distribute.

The broadcast order and dates are listed; however, this does not reflect the logical order. See the bottom of each season page for the suggested logical order. Dates are listed in the form of month/day/year.

Thank you to Tina C., Karen H., Barney J., and Jean M.

~Cynthia F.
Owner - Dr. Quinn Discussion List

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  Why did Beth Sullivan select Colorado Springs for her setting?

Q: "Knowing that there were women intellectuals in Colorado at that time (c 1870), did you base Michaela loosely on any 'real-life' women of that time and/or that place? If so, who?"

A: "Actually, no. I picked Colorado because I wanted her to be far enough from her world of Boston, yet not on the farthest frontier with its different, less settled challenges. (However, in a general sense, I have always admired greatly the spirit of the women of that era.)"

Thank you to JEANNE S. and SARAH M. for all of their help in providing the additional episode guide summaries and Nielson ratings.

Thank you to those from the DR QUINN DISCUSSION LIST who worked hard to compile the Episode Guides that are available through Listserv.

Thank you to MARILYN L. for providing the information from Barney Jernigan's page.

Finally, many thanks to DEBBY K., ANNE U. AND ESTHER G. for providing the additional information needed for the summaries.

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