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The quotes are organized by season and episode, and each season has its own page for easy and coherent reading. If you have any favorite IMAGES or SOUND BITES to go with each season, please visit our telegraph to let us know you have some to send to us. We would love to improve the enjoyment of this section.

You can see the episode names with the quotes, and there are a LOT without quotes. So, take the challenge and find a quote for the missing episodes. If you have one to add, send it to us.

For those who submit quotes, your first name and last initial will be listed, unless anonymity is requested. The quotes in green are the webmaster's favorites.


"You have to count on living every single day in a way you believe will make you feel good about your life." - Jane Seymour -

"It's really not a question of how long you have on this earth; it's about what you do with it." - Jane Seymour -

"I believe that behind every trial, there is an opportunity." - Jane Seymour -

"People treat life as though it's the dress rehearsal for some big show. It's not. This is it." - Jane Seymour -

"My prescription for happiness in life: loving and being loved....feeling that you've made a help other people." - Jane Seymour -

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