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Colorado Springs Town Map

Whenever you visit an unfamiliar place, you use a map. Visiting a new town can be overwhelming, at best, so this town map was created to help provide you with a guide to the locations or our town and help you find where you want to go.

Main Tour Center - This will be the first place you visit upon arriving in our town. If you're interested in joining with other people who love this town as much as you, please join the Dr. Quinn Discussion List. Over 800 people gather to share and discuss everything and anything related to this town and its inhabitants, as well as a wide variety of other topics. Love a good discussion? Come join!

To the left you will see the navigation bar which will help you get around to each of the places in our town. If you ever feel lost, you will find this navigation bar at each place in town.

You will also find more places to visit at the bottom, but the most important will be "What's New?" so you can find out the latest happenings since you last visited. If you want to share a message with other visitors to the town, post to the message board. If you'd like to find out about those who work for our town, come meet our Town Council. Finally, if you want to tell others about our town and encourage them to visit, you can always pick up a banner and advertise for us. Enjoy your visit!

Bank - Your first stop should be to exchange your current money to the rate of exchange for our town. You will be able to see comparisons of the money we use versus the money you use and see the effects inflation has had on everyone else. Be certain to count everything, as Preston A. Lodge, III, has been known to cheat some people.

Boarding House - Almost all of the visitors to our town stay here, and you will be able to meet and visit with them and learn their stories. Some have moved on and some have remained with us, but you can be certain they all have a story to tell.

Café - For us, the café is the place where everyone gathers to share with each other and to discover new recipes to try at their own homes. You will be able to add recipes to your own cookbook collection, as well as view special favorite items and memories from various personal collections of those who gather in our town. So, mosey on over for a piece of a pie or even a cup of coffee. If you're really hungry, sample some of Grace's famous meat loaf. Whatever your interest, you're certain to hear something that will catch your ears!

Church - Every town has its history and registry, and for us, it's here. Come and learn about the important events in our town. Reverend Timothy Johnson will be more than happy to help you find the date and information for whatever you need.

Clinic - No one can keep themselves from sickness all of the time, so should you ever find yourself feeling a little "under the weather," be sure to stop by the clinic and pay a visit to Dr. Michaela Quinn, so she can prescribe a cure. It may be a common cure or a natural remedy she learned from the Cheyenne. Regardless of what it is, you're sure to receive the best treatment available, and you may even learn something new in the process. Drs. Andrew and Colleen Cook are also in residence.

Depot - Although there is a lot to do and see in our town, we understand your desire to travel to other destinations. So, should you have a mind or hankering to travel, be sure to check in with Horace Bing for your ticket to new and exciting places, departing from our town. If you have visited a place Horace doesn't have on the itinerary, be certain to share it with him. All aboard!

Gallery - This is the Daniel Watkins Gallery, specializing in photos (images), re-creations of actual events (video clips), samples of what some of our townsfolk have actually said (audio files), special features on our townsfolk, and a focus wall for special displays. When Daniel Watkins came to visit our fair town, his offer to take portraits of our town stirred up a heap of trouble. However, we all eventually realized our wrong actions in judging others and were able to join together in a town photo. Now, we have established a gallery in Mr. Watkin's name, both to honor him and to share another part of our town's history with you. Come in for a visit. It's just two bits per person.

Gazette - Gossip is every bit as prevalent in a small town as it is anywhere else. Reckon it's more prevalant here, considering the limited number of inhabitants we have and the existence of "everybody knows everybody". You will be able to read the latest news and gossip, find out about what the residents of our town are doing, read stories that are written about our town (fanfiction) as well as write a letter to the editor (FAQ) with questions you may have. Keeping up to date on current events is also important, so make certain you take a moment to pick up the latest edition of the Gazette. Dorothy Jennings works hard to bring you the latest news and articles about our town and those around us, and Brian Coooper works beside her to help. Who knows? You might find out something you never knew before about our town!

Library - Every town has its archives, and this is where you'll find ours. Depending upon which shelf you peruse, you'll find anything from awards, biographies, famous quotes, profiles, and trivia, to our photo albums and a synopsis of the events in our town, in the form of a detailed episode guide. If you are planning a visit, be certain to allow plenty of time. There is a lot here to research!

Livery - Robert E spends his days caring for many animals of the town, but he's also the person you see if you are in need of a good buggy or wagon or other form of transporation. He can help you with whatever need you have and can answer any questions you have about animals, so be sure to stop by and talk to him.

Mercantile - Loren Bray might seem like a crochety old storekeeper, but beneath his gruff exterior beats a heart of gold. Should you ever find yourself in need of some supplies, let him know, and he'll be happy to help you find it. If there's any specific items you need related to our town and can't find, tell him and he'll do his best to locate it for you.

Reservation - You might need to obtain special permission to visit here, as the garrison isn't always in the best of moods. However, since Sgt. McKay assumed control, the atmosphere has improved. Once you enter, be prepared to stay a while. The members of the various tribes are eager to share their story with anyone who visits, and they can talk an ear off a sow! The good thing is that the stories they have to share have been passed down for generations and are very special. You're certain to learn a lot here, and your horizons will be expanded before you're done.

Saloon - You've walked by many times without stopping, wondering what others would think if they saw you or knew you were thinking of entering. Many others have struggled with the same thing, but they took a cotton to the fun and laughter and carryings-on past the swinging doors. Some attribute it to the amount of whiskey consumed, but sarsaparilla is also served, so come on in to chat with others and join the fun. Hank Lawson assures you of a good time!

School - You might think school ended for you, but we continue to learn our entire lives. Señora Teresa Morales-Slicker, wife to our Mayor Jake Slicker, is waiting to help you learn, and she promises the session will not take long.

Telegraph - Repairs are always needing to be made, and our town is no different. We are also aware of the need for our visitors to ask questions or contact us on ways they can assist. Horace Bing does his best to let us know of messages left for us, so if you should happen to see something in need of repair, stop by and let him know. Be as specific as possible, and he'll get your message to us as soon as he can.

Town Council - Come and meet those who are responsible for keeping this town running and those are make the decisions on what happens here. We have a head tour leader and maintenance supervisor, an assistant tour leader, an assistant maintenance supervisor, a town photographer, and a greeting card designer. Would you like to learn more about us? Come and see us.

Wherever you decide to visit, we hope you'll enjoy your stay in our town. We always love having visitors, and there is a variety of ways for you to make your mark on Colorado Springs. So, have fun, and we hope you find your niche.

Compiled by the residents of Colorado Springs

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