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Town Council of Colorado Springs

Despite meeting with other visitors who come to our town, as well as those who live in our town, there are some who make certain our town remains in the best shape that it can. Read below to meet those of us involved with the upkeep and maintenance. Feel free to drop us a note of encouragement or ask us a question by visiting the Telegraph and directing your message to whom you would like to reach.

Head Tour Leader, Maintenance Supervisor - Tiffany M.

I came to this town in 1867, intially just for a visit. Impressed with the natural ambiance and peacefulness of this little town, I became enamored with the life and everyone who lived here. I also met Michaela and Sully as well as many of the other townsfolk who convinced me to make a change. After ending one chapter of my life, I began a new one here in Colorado Springs. I have been working for this town since then.

It took me a few years before I decided to assume the role of "head tour leader," and this was only after the previous one was no longer able to continue serving. The service and business had actually been closed for about a year before I found a helpful town member to let me have a look around. I realized it was a great opportunity and began making little changes here and there. Now, I have expanded to a point where I feel this service is of great benefit to all who visit.

I am extremely grateful for my opportunity to be a part of the maintenance of this town and look forward to helping make your visit and time here the best it can be. Feel free to visit my writing and design business too. Please let me know how I can help.

Assistant Maintenance Supervisor, Repairs, Decorating - Branduin B.

It was my father who first traveled to Colorado Springs in 1867. He knew at once that this was a town I would love, and he encouraged me to visit. I stopped by in late 1867 and I am so glad that I did! I haven't been able to stay away since! I have learned much from my visits here and made many friends along the way. The townsfolk have always been there for me through good times and bad and there is always someone to talk to if you need it.

Several years have gone by since I first set foot on the dusty roads of Colorado Springs but I have now found a home and a purpose here, and I hope to stay for quite a while!

I do have another place of my own when I'm not in Colorado Springs, but when I am here you can find me lurking around the edges, doing repairs here and there and maybe adding an artsy touch or two. I owe a lot to this town and its people and I am happy to do my part in keeping it a great place to visit.

Town Artist and part-time Photographer - Jennifer J.

I arrived in the beautiful town of Colorado Springs in 1870 after the terrible War Between the States. After the death of my beloved fiance not long after, I was desperate for a change. That change finally came for me when I received a telegraph from my dear aunt, who lived here, needing some help after the birth of her third child. I leapt at the chance for a different life. I was quickly embraced by the delightful towns people and they have been a blessing and an encouragement to me ever since.

I am an artist by heart and love painting the portraits and beautiful scenery of my new world here. I was very excited and honored when Tiffany offered to showcase some of my work in the galleries here. I hope everyone will continue to enjoy my art as much as I enjoy doing it.

Greeting Card Designer - Anne M.

I came to Colorado Springs arond 1868. I liked the town from the beginning and believe most of the people who live here are good people. It didn't take me long to realize there was something missing. When folks from other places came for a visit, they wanted to send their family and friends a note that they arrived safely, or the town folks just wanted to say "Happy Birthday" or "Get Well Soon." They just wanted a more creative way of doing it.

Loren, the owner of Bray's Mercantile, had an excellent idea how to help with the problem. He made an announcement in the Gazette that he was looking for someone who could design and sell special greeting cards from this town. I heard of it, and since I love working with pencils, paint, colored paper and glue, and because I was looking for a job, I asked if I could help him. He eagerly accepted, I showed him some samples, and he liked them.

Well, here I am, freshly hired as the Greeting Card Designer. If you have any ideas or suggestions for greeting cards, tell me and I'll see what I can do to help you.

Part-Time Town Photographer - Dan M.

I came to Colorado Springs around 1869; however, I never really participated in the town as an active member until five years later, and once I found my place in the town, I was here to stay! I'm a photographer, and Daniel Watkins, a close friend of mine, told me I should come to the town for some of the best photo opportunities of my life. He was right, and from that point on, I made sure I was always available to take pictures whenever the opportunity presented itself.

Tiffany has been kind enough to share my handiwork here at the tour center and Daniel opened up his gallery to me, so the classic, memorable moments of the town can be treasured. My skills are not only limited to sharing with photographs, but also with audio and video formats. The audio is a sound-recording of the voices for you to hear, and the video is a new invention where photographs are placed together in a sequence and are displayed at an amazingly fast speed to imitate motion. I hope you folks enjoy it.

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