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Daniel Watkins Gallery

When Daniel Watkins came to visit our fair town, his offer to take portraits of our town stirred up a heap of trouble. However, we all eventually realized our wrong actions in judging others and were able to join together in a town photo. Now, we have established a gallery in Mr. Watkin's name, both to honor him and to share another part of our town's history with you. Come in and see. Just two bits per person.

Portraits of Our Town
- Townsfolk Portraits (Photos)
- Townsfolk Caught Red-Handed (Candids)
- Portraits with Friends (Friends)
- Sights around Town (Town Photos)
- Captures of Town Events (Screen Captures)
- Murals of our Town (Wallpapers)

Here is a collection of daguerrotypes and photographs taken of our town at various times. You will find rooms where our townsfolk stopped for a moment to pose for us, where our townsfolk were unaware of the photographs, where our townsfolk stopped to pose with visitors/friends, with scenic photography of our town and with murals/wall hangings to display in your home. Whichever one you view, we hope you enjoy them.

Special Display Corner (Quilt Hanging)

We have an addition compiled by various visitors to our town as a tribute to Beth Sullivan, the woman who started it all and is responsible for us being here. Come take a look at this beautiful gift, handmade with love by everyone who contributed.

Re-creations of Events in Our Town (Video clips)

When you enter this part of the gallery, you will be treated to a special re-creation of events that have happened in our town. We have compiled them for your viewing pleasure, and we hope you enjoy reliving some of the events of our history. Use the special viewing devices [Real Player, Windows Media Player, or any other video display program] on the walls to see our past be displayed before you.

- Special Conversation with Dr. Mike (Video Featurette)
- Special Conversation with Dr. Mike and Sully (Video Featurette)

Recordings of Words Spoken by Members of Our Town (Audio clips)

Sometimes, our townsfolk can come up with some very interesting things to say. They can be humorous, insightful, encouraging, suggestive, and even just memorable. We have compiled some of their words for you to hear as well. Place the special hearing devices [WAV player on your computer] on your ears and enjoy! If you would rather read the words, a complete list can be found on the far wall.

Tributes to Our Townsfolk (Multimedia Feature)

Every one of our townsfolk are special to us. To show them how much we appreciate them and love them as part of our town, we have compiled tributes for them. As often as we can, we will dedicate this part of the gallery to someone new, so be sure to return and view the new features.

Wherever you go in this gallery, we hope you will enjoy your time spent here as much as we enjoy putting it together for you. Thank you for visiting.

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