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Come in and meet all of the visitors to Colorado Springs. They all have a story to tell. Some have stayed with us longer than others, but all of them have intriguing backgrounds to share. Where there is a place to visit to learn more about our visitors, that place will be provided. If you have visited it or know of additional information for any of our visitors, please contact us.


Josef Quinn - father to Michaela; shown in the "Pilot" as having died of a heart attack.
Elizabeth Quinn (Mary Gregory) - Mary appeared only in the Pilot and had only one scene where she had speaking lines, however she has a list of other appearances to her credit.

Charlotte Cooper (Diane Ladd) - Diane is an acclaimed actress who has been acting for over forty years. She appeared in "The Pilot" where her character died of a rattlesnake bite, but she returned in "Dr. Mike's Dream" to lead Michaela through Christmases past, present and future.

Loren Bray (Guy Boyd) - appeared only in the "Pilot" and was replaced by Orson Bean for the remainder of the series. Guy has been acting for about twenty-five years and has been in movies such as "Sister Act" and "Crossfire," as well as guest-starring on almost thirty TV shows.

Jake Slicker (Colm Meaney) - appearing only in the Pilot and replaced by Jim Knobeloch for the remainder of the series, Colm made his claim to fame playing Transporter Chief Petty Officer Miles O'Brian on "Star Trek: The Next Generation." He has gone on to be seen in "The Gambler III", "Far and Away" and "Scarlett."

Robert E (Ivory Ocean) - appeared only in the Pilot and was replaced by Henry G. Sanders for the remainder of the series, but Ivory has made guest-appearances on over twenty television shows as well as appearing in the box office movie, "A Walk in the Clouds."
Emily Donavan (Heidi Kozak) - appearing only in the first season before her character leaves after getting married, Heidi is mainly known for her role as Jennifer (aka Glamour) in "The Bold and the Beautiful," and has been acting for about fifteen years, although not much has been heard from her since her appearance on DQ.

Chief Black Kettle (Nick Ramus) - first seen in the "Pilot," Nick's character made few but very influential appearances before dying in "Washita;" however, Nick's major credits include playing in the acclaimed mini-series, Centennial with Richard Chamberlain as well as portraying twin brothers in "Windwalker."

Colonel Chivington (Adrian Sparks) - he didn't have a major role in DQ, but he has been acting for almost twenty-five years and one of his most notable appearances was in the acclaimed TV movie, "A Thousand Men and a Baby."

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