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The church was repaired when Reverend Johnson took out a loan from Hank to buy some much-needed supplies: a new bell, paint, nails, window boxes, etc. The Reverend was motivated to make these repairs because Reverend Thomas, his Seminary instructor and mentor, was coming to town to see him. Unfortunately, the Reverend couldn't make Hank's payment schedule. Hank almost ended up claiming the church and the land on which it stands as collateral on the loan, until Michaela and his own conscience softened his stance.

Now, we keep a listing here of everything that has happened in our town. Take a look. If you have something to add, let us know.

Important Events in the History of our Town


  • Dr. Michaela Anne Quinn, M.D., arrives.
  • Charlotte Cooper dies from a rattlesnake bite and Michaela Quinn takes in the Cooper children.
  • Maude Bray dies from heart failure.


  • Influenza epidemic hits.
  • Dr. Mike opens up her medical clinic.
  • Grace opens up Grace's Café.
  • Matthew and Ingrid get engaged.
  • Dorothy Jennings arrives and opens the town newspaper, The Gazette.
  • Town school is built.
  • Robert E and Grace wed.
  • Cheyenne massacre at Washita (show timeframe was 1870)


  • Typhus epidemic hits the town, but mainly the Cheyenne and Immigrant camps.
  • Circus comes to town and townsfolk participate.
  • Myra and Horace Bing engaged.
  • Jake Slicker is elected mayor.
  • Myra and Horace Bing wed.
  • Michaela is abducted by Cheyenne Dog Soldiers.
  • Dr. Mike and Sully get engaged.
  • Railroad arrives in town.
  • First library, the Josef Quinn Memorial Library, opens.
  • Wild West Show comes to town.
  • Olive Bray Davis dies and is buried on the cattle trail.


  • Comet lands in town and citizens take refuge in the church.
  • Samantha Bing is born.
  • Dr. Mike loses a messy courtroom battle with Ethan Cooper for the custody of his two children, Brian and Colleen. (She gets custody back thanks to Lillian's gracious heart)
  • Town puts on a Valentine's Day play.
  • Outlaw Belle Starr comes to town.
  • The train arrives in town.
  • May 20 - Michaela Quinn and Byron Sully wed.
  • The train arrives in town.
  • Preston A. Lodge III arrives in town and opens the first bank.
  • Baseball team comes to town and town beats them in a game.
  • Ingrid dies after getting bitten by Brian's dog Pup, who developed rabies.


  • Anthony is taken in by Grace and Robert E.
  • Matthew Cooper becomes sheriff.
  • Trial and hanging of Johnny Reed.
  • Dr. Andrew Cook arrives with the Quinn family.
  • May 18 - Katherine Elizabeth Sully is born under a tree and is delivered by her father, Byron Sully.
  • Dr. Mike is sued for malpractice.
  • Gilda St. Clair visits and puts on a show.
  • Teresa Morales arrives and becomes the town's schoolteacher.
  • Anthony officially adopted by Grace and Robert E.
  • Tornado destroys Preston's new hotel, The Springs Chateau, but town helps him rebuild.
  • Gold Nugget opens.
  • Cloud Dancing is acquitted of murdering a soldier, when Sully argues in court that the soldier was a casualty of war.
  • The Reverend takes a mortgage on the church from Hank to pay for repairs in order to impress his mentor Rev. Thomas.
  • Katie is christened by Reverend Johnson with Robert E. and Grace as godparents.


  • The famous Walt Whitman visits.
  • Sully becomes a fugitive after helping the Indians escape and is pardoned six months later, just in time for Christmas.
  • Daniel Simon becomes sheriff after arriving in town to help look for Sully.
  • Founder's Day - town buries a time capsule.
  • Dr. Mike miscarries while Sully is away in hiding from the army.
  • Anthony dies of what is today known as "sickle-cell anemia."
  • Diphtheria epidemic - Becky and Marjorie Quinn die.
  • Lawsuit fever hits.


  • Michaela is shot by a man with a vengeance for doctors.
  • Jake Slicker and Teresa Morales wed.
  • Matthew defends Elias Burch who is accused of murder.
  • May - Andrew and Colleen are wed.


  • Michaela, Sully, Brian and Katie travel to Boston for Colleen's graduation.
  • Colleen graduates from Harvard Medical School.
  • Mrs. Elizabeth Quinn dies from heart failure.
  • Brian Cooper gets a job on the Boston Globe.
  • Mrs. Quinn has her estate liquidated and leaves the profits for the establishment of a hospital for Colorado Springs, run by Dr. Michaela Quinn.


  • Katie Sully is kidnapped and rescued in Mexico.

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