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Exclusive Interview Footage of A&E Jane Seymour Interview

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These clips are taken from raw footage before the official interview was assembled for the featurette on the second season DVDs for Dr. Quinn. They include a question and answer session with the question posed followed by a clip of Jane's answer. Enjoy!

Q: "Tell me how you were approached to do the show, how you first heard about Dr. Quinn?"
"...when I was in desperate financial straights..."
Copyright A&E Entertainment

Q: "What was it about the script that touched you so deeply?"
"What was amazing to me when I read the script..."
Copyright A&E Entertainment

Q: "How did Beth Sullivan end up creating Dr. Quinn?" (2 & 3)
"From what I gather, Beth Sullivan was asked to write this Pilot and they were very specific about what they wanted..."
Copyright A&E Entertainment

Q: "Did you feel comfortable when you first started on the show?"
"Absolutely. I couldn't not be comfortable..."
Copyright A&E Entertainment

Q: "When did you realize that Dr. Quinn was going to be a hit?"
"When I read the script for the very first time, and it moved me, I knew it had the ability to be a hit..."
Copyright A&E Entertainment

Q: "Did you ever envision that the show was going to be on the air as long as it was?"
"No. Nobody ever believed it was going to do as well as it did..."
Copyright A&E Entertainment

Q: "What about the show do you think struck such a cord in people? You seem to have such a devoted audience."
"We still have a devoted audience...It dealt with the human condition..."
Copyright A&E Entertainment

Q: "Do you give the credit for that to the writers on the show?"
"Oh, I think the writing on the show was fantastic..."
Copyright A&E Entertainment

Q: "Was spirituality your favorite out of the many social issues the show dealt with?"
"No, I think the medicine issues were very interesting..."
Copyright A&E Entertainment

Q: "Talk a little about the difficulties of filming; did you realize the work involved in doing an hour series before you signed?"
"...don't even read it. It'll kill you...unbelievable circumstances..."

Q: "What other kinds of trouble did you run into while shooting on Dr. Quinn?"
"The toils of shooting on Dr. Quinn..."
View the clip of the bees from Law of the Land (1.70MB)

Copyright © 1992-2004 CBS Entertainment Productions and The Sullivan Company