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Episode Guide - Season Three (1994-1995)


Executive Producer - Beth Sullivan
Co-executive Producer - Josef Anderson
Co-executive Producer - Sara Davidson
Co-Executive Producer - Timothy Johnson
Producer - Timothy Johnson
Supervising Producer - Carl Binder
Co-producer - Toni Graphia (episodes 1,2,3,9,11)
Creative Consultant - Kathryn Ford (episodes 4-10, 12-23)
Music - William Olvis

Toni Perling has left the series.
Erika Flores plays Colleen in episodes 1-11, 18.
Jessica Bowman plays Colleen in episodes 12-17, 19-23.

The Year 1869

1. "The Train". 9/24/94

[Rating: 12.0 - Share: 22 - Rank: 36 - Viewers: 17.3]

Shooting Date: 4/19/94-4/27/94

Jackson Tait, a railroad surveyor, and Peter Chow, his adopted Chinese son, arrive and announce that a railroad will run through Colorado Springs or Soda Springs. Meanwhile, Matthew discovers he's not included in blueprint plans for Sully and Mike's new homesite. When Sully finds out the railroad may be routed through Colorado Springs, he wants to move the family, but Mike doesn't. At the town meeting, Mike casts the deciding vote for the railroad, and Sully's angry. But when Dog Soldiers launch a scare attack upon railroad dignitaries and Mike refuses to join the townsfolk in embroidering Colorado Spring's virtues to the visiting dignitaries, it seems the railroad may not come after all. Meanwhile, Colleen's embarrassed when she stumbles upon Peter Chow bathing naked, but gets over it when she treats him for malaria. Sully tries to give his old homestead to Matthew, and comforts him when Matthew confesses that he feels left out. Against Sully's wishes, Mike influences Jackson Tait that the railroad would be good for the town, and he decides it will go through Colorado Springs. At home, Sully and Mike argue, and Brian, blaming the impending railroad for the strife, crashes his beloved train set. Mike and Sully comfort Brian and Colleen and assure them they're still getting married. Alone, they reaffirm their love, with Mike telling Sully the reason the train was so important to her was because it was where Sully first told her he loved her. When he assures her he still does, she promises that if she ever sees his heart breaking, she'll agree to leave. Paralleling Sully's hammering in the first nails to their new homestead, Mike drives the first spike for the railroad at the christening ceremony.

Jackson Tait . . . . . Allan Royal
Peter . . . . . Eric Michael Zee
Missy . . . . . Melissa Flores
Top Hat #1 . . . . . Philip Persons
Top Hat #2 . . . . . John Petlock
Top Hat #3 . . . . . Ted Hayden

Writers: Beth Sullivan, Sara Davidson, Josef Anderson, and Toni Graphia
Teleplay by Toni Graphia and Josef Anderson
Director: Jerome London

2. "Fathers and Sons". 10/1/94

[Rating: 12.2 - Share: 23 - Rank: 35 - Viewers: 18.4]

Shooting Date: 4/28/94-5/6/94

Loren faces a mid-life crisis, and, after buying a horse he can't handle and dying his hair, he decides to abandon the town and search for lost treasures in Bolivia. Meanwhile, Brian begins to discover the mysteries of women; he also begins spying on Colleen. When Colleen catches him at it and drags him to Mike, Mike, despite Sully's offers to step in, decides to tell Brian about the "facts of life." Brian's so traumatized by Mike's hours-long dissertation about "puberty" that he decides to run away from it. When he does, he stumbles upon Loren, also camping out in the woods. They spend the night together in a tree, successfully fending off the advances of a hungry bear. (Unbeknownst to them, Sully's been watching over them the whole while.) Later, Sully takes them to the reservation, where they participate in appropriate "rites of passage." Meanwhile, Hank and Jake mount a practical joke campaign against each other after Jake laughs when Hank's spewed with beer and Hank's feelings are hurt. Later, after one of the jokes results in slight injuries to them both, they make up with each other, leaving Mike shaking her head in puzzlement at their crazy behavior. In the end, Sully assures Mike that, "between the three of us (her, him and Loren), Brian got an education." When she asks what he said, he replies, "There's only one thing I know about women. Ya gotta be lucky enough to find the right one, and then never let her go."

Steven Myers . . . . . Ross Malinger
Auctioneer . . . . . Richard Herlan

Writer: Josef Anderson
Director: Jerry Jameson

3. "Cattle Drive". 10/8/94

[Rating: 11.7 - Share: 22 - Rank: 32 - Viewers: 18.0]
Two hour episode shown over two weeks.

Shooting Date: 5/18/94-5/26/94

"A" Story: Mike, the kids, Sully, Loren, Robert E and Grace answer Miss Olive's telegraphed cry for medical help, only to arrive in Mexico and discover that she's passed on. Leaving various sentimental items to each person, (except Sully and Robert E, whom she didn't know well) Olive nonetheless leaves the bulk of her estate -- 200 head of cattle -- to Matthew. Unfortunately, Matthew and Sully clash at various points in the journey -- Sully, troubled by mistakes Matthew must naturally make in order to learn, has a difficult time letting Matthew grow into his role as trail boss. Eventually, however, Sully manages to turn the reins of control over to Matthew, who, despite various contretemps along the way, grows into his role as trail boss and acquits himself beautifully. They deal with a scorpion sting, lack of water, a stampede, missing cattle, and a prairie fire. Sully helps Mike "wash" after helping a cow give birth.

"B" Story: Colleen develops a crush on a young ne'er-do-well cowhand named Jesse, only to have he and another cowhand, Ned, rob the family, Loren, Grace and Robert E in their sleep, stampede the cattle, and leave for parts unknown. Colleen initially defends Jesse, but when Matthew and Brian track the outlaws down and present irrefutable evidence (Colleen's missing pocketwatch, now retrieved) that Jesse's a thief, she breaks down, her heart truly broken by a boy for the first time, and Mike comforts her.

Paco . . . . . Ray Victor
Jesse . . . . . Casper Van Dien
Ned . . . . . Stephen Edge

Writer: Sara Davidson
Director: Chuck Bowman

4. "The Library". 10/22/94

[Rating: 11.2 - Share: 21 - Rank: 36 - Viewers: 16.8]

Shooting Date: 8/30/94 - 9/10/94

"A" Story: Mike's mother sends a portion of Mike's deceased father's book collection by coach and Mike donates the books to the town for a public library. The town's enthusiastic, but trouble ensues when the Reverend, seeing Colleen reading "Faust," decides that this book and others like it pose a threat to the spiritual well-being of the townsfolk and should not be allowed in the library. When the town, inflamed by hearsay and rhetoric, votes to close the library, Mike and Sully decide to reclaim her books, planning to store them in a spare room of the clinic and lend them privately. While doing so, a maddened crowd led by Jake and the Reverend takes over, seizing the crated books and setting fire to them. It's only when Mike shows one of the charred books, the Holy Bible, to the Reverend and his flock that the light is seen and sanity restored.

"B" Story: After reading Twain's "The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calveras County," Brian decides to hold a high-stake frog-jumping contest of his own. After bringing his friend Charles into the scheme, the boys capture frogs, and, hoping to "get a jump" on the competition, attempt to train their frogs beforehand. Unfortunately, when the frogs prove less than tractable, the boys decide to "feed 'em more so they'll get stronger," but sadly, it seems a well-fed frog is a lazy frog. The boys lose big, and Brian learns the lesson that you can't believe everything you read.

"C" Story: Sully discovers the poetry of Walt Whitman, and tries to convince Mike to sit and enjoy it with him, but her proper upbringing mixed with her fears of her strong feelings for Sully cause her to shy away from it. Sully tries to comfort her by saying she's getting ahead of herself in her fears. He compares courting to reading a book in a beautiful parallel, and by the end of the episode, Mike has come to grips with herself enough to enjoy Whitman's poetry within the comfort and love of Sully's arms.

Charles . . . . . John Christian Graas
Man #1..........Alan Altshuld
Man #2 . . . . . Casey Stengel
Boy #1 . . . . . T. J. McInturff

Writer: Andrew Lipsitz
Director: Victor Lobl

5. "Halloween 2". 10/29/94

[Rating: 11.5 - Share: 21 - Rank: 36 - Viewers: 17.2]

Shooting Date: 8/22/94 - 8/28/94

Mike is at first alarmed when Brian, influenced by Mike's reading of "Frankenstein," finds a disfigured man, John, in the woods and brings him home for her to "fix." Sully, too, is concerned and suspicious, for they have no idea where this man came from or whether he's dangerous. Mike, however, eventually realizes that John is harmless and even gentle, and receives his unspoken approval (he doesn't speak until the fourth act) to conduct reconstructive plastic surgery. As Mike secretly tries to refashion his face, townsfolk begin to suspect she's creating something akin to Frankenstein's monster, and end up storming the clinic and chasing John, taunting him until Mike tells them it is they who are the monsters. Meanwhile, Mike tries to help John heal not only his outward scars caused by his tragic train accident, but his inner scars as well as he grapples with his guilt about the accident. In the end, John, reconciled to his humanity and rejecting the "monster" mien, joins the townsfolk, who, thanks to Mike, are now aware of his true identity and situation and treat him with kindness and dignity.

John (scarred man) . . . . . Richard Moll
Missy . . . . . Melissa Flores

Writer: Toni Graphia
Director: Jerome R. London

6. "A Washington Affair". 11/5/94 - 2 hour episode.

[Rating: 13.0 - Share: 22 - Rank: 25 - Viewers: 19.9]

Shooting Date: 9/22/94 - 10/10/94

PART I: Mike and Sully are outraged when they learn the government has again changed the terms of the Indians' Treaty regarding their hunting grounds. They decide to go Washington to confront the powers that be. With Cooper kids and Cloud Dancing in tow, they arrive in Washington, crash the congressional hearings about the Indians -- and promptly get thrown out. Fortunately, Grant's former Indian General, Ely Parker, now Commissioner of Indian Affairs, is sympathetic to their cause and invites them to a White House party to network. There, Mike befriends Julia Grant, who pulls strings enabling Mike to testify to the Commission of Indian Affairs. As Mike testifies, a Senator, George Steward, recognizes Sully as a Union sniper set up to kill a man Sully was told was a Confederate Major with extensive explosives knowledge -- but whom Sully later found out was an industrial competitor to Steward's partner in crime, Senator Elliot Moses. In short, Sully was set up to kill Moses' business rival. Upon learning the man was merely an industrialist, but having no idea who pulled the strings, Sully, disillusioned, deserted the Army. Later, at another White House dinner, Brian and Colleen become thick with Grant children Jesse and Nellie; Colleen even fixes Matthew up with young Nellie when she gets stood up for the military ball. Meanwhile, Mike cements her friendship with Julia Grant and President Grant offers Mike a job as supervisor of medical care for the reservations. Things seem to be going well and Mike even considers taking the job. Meanwhile, Cloud Dancing, feeling his job done, departs for home. Mike, after conferring with the kids, decides to withdraw her nomination to Grant's cabinet, much to Sully's relief. As Mike, Sully and the kids are leaving the hotel, however, Sully's arrested for desertion, to the surprise and dismay of Mike and the kids, who knew nothing about his service in the Army.


When Mike visits Sully in prison, he tells her of his former, secret life as a Union Army sharp-shooter. He also tells her what spurred his desertion -- it was learning that he'd assassinated a man he was told was an explosives expert but whom he learned later is merely a businessman rival to a corrupt member of government -- he's not sure who. (see above; Part I) Later, Senator Elliot Moses thanks Mike for saving his life during his minor heart attack, and rewards her for some vital information: Sully's assignment in Georgia during the war was not for the Army; it was for "the same men who won't have the Indians delaying the completion of the railroads." Later, Moses is found dead and Mike diagnoses cyanide poisoning, but no one believes her. Still later, Mike and the children witness Sully being sentenced to death. Mike, via the secret passageway into the White House which Jesse Grant showed Brian, manages to get to President Grant and have his sentence commuted to life imprisonment. Certain the children are in danger, Mike sends them home, and, armed with the information from her last conversation with Senator Moses, Mike goes to General Parker, who helps her spring Sully from prison in a daring escape. Sully just makes it to the White House in time to save President Grant from certain assassination, and President Grant rewards him by exonerating him of all charges and assigning him a post of Indian Agent. Naturally, the children are there to hear all of this, as, engaging in some Civil Disobedience of their own, they disobeyed Mike's instructions to go home and return to Washington after heading back to Colorado for only a short while.

President Grant . . . . . Dennis Lipscomb
Julia Grant . . . . . Kathleen Lloyd
Senator Steward . . . . . Nicholas Pryor
Senator Moses . . . . . Lloyd Bochner
General Parker . . . . . Gregory Sierra
Nellie Grant . . . . . Nicole Nieth
Jesse Grant . . . . . John Kidwell
Capt. Burgoyne . . . . . J. G. Hertzler
Andrew Garrick . . . . . Scott Roberts
Vincent . . . . . Kent Williams
Dr. Sanderson . . . . . Roy Conrad
Mrs. Howard . . . . . Phyllis Coates
Major's Wife . . . . . Mary Rings
Captain . . . . . Steven-Lloyd Williams
Detective . . . . . John Pleshette
Soldier . . . . . Manley Pope
Officer . . . . . Jerry Carlton
Lieutenant Colonel . . . . . Brian Carpenter
Clerk . . . . . Leland Orser
Guard #1 . . . . .Mike Foley
Guard #2 . . . . . Michael Francis Clarke
Policeman #1 . . . . . Zack Martin
Policeman #2 . . . . . Richard Gross
Policeman #3 . . . . . Michael Connors
Military Aid . . . . . Rahman Dalrymple
Woman #1 . . . . . Cynthia Graham
Woman #2 . . . . . LaRita Shelby
Woman #3 . . . . . Sandra Foster
Man . . . . . Robert Parnell
Young Woman . . . . . Narcissa Marte

Writer: Josef Anderson
Director: Jerome R. London

The year of Abagail's death is changed in this episode.

7. "Money Trouble". 11/12/94

[Rating: 11.2 - Share: 20 - Rank: 37 - Viewers: 16.9]

Shooting Date: 9/13/94 - 9/19/94

A Story: A leaded, beveled glass door becomes a symbol of Mike's earning power and Sully's lack of it when, Mike, despite Sully's protestations that he can't afford it, has Loren put the door on her account, and Sully, despite Mike's protestations that he should accept money from her, goes to work as a rodeo "mountain-man" to pay for it, as well as augment building costs to the house so that it'll be ready when Mike's family visits. Later, Mike makes Sully realize that, rather than "letting her down" by not being a good financial provider, he provides her with things money can't buy, which, in the end, is more important to her. Sully acquiesces, realizing his ideal of being sole-provider is inappropriate, and that two incomes are better than one in a true partnership.

B Story: Myra becomes a singing, sleepwalking dervish, driving Horace, Hank and other townsfolk crazy, but leaving them wondering if she's the crazy one -- is it possible she's lost her mind? Cures are discussed, though delivered with the caveat that, if Myra's awakened suddenly, her soul may fly right out of her body, never to return. To Myra's relief, Mike delivers to her the glad tidings that she's pregnant, explaining that it is this which accounts for her strange sleeping habits lately.

Judd McCoy . . . . . Joel Brooks
Hawker . . . . . Bob Roitblat
Property Master . . . . . Frank Nifong

Writer: Sara Davidson
Director: Chuck Bowman

8. "Thanksgiving". 11/19/94

[Rating: 11.9 - Share: 21 - Rank: 38 - Viewers: 17.9]

Shooting Date: 10/13/94 - 10/21/94

Lyrics to "Thanksgiving Prayer"
words and music by Josef Anderson and Johnny Cash

A Story: On their way home from picking up medical supplies, Mike and Sully run into now-married Kid Cole and Sister Ruth at the Denver stagecoach depot and invite them to the homestead for Thanksgiving. As they depart, a young married man, Brandon McGee, puts his "pregnant" wife, Carey McGee, on the coach with our foursome. Turns out Carey's "pregnant" stomach contains guns, and the McGees are robbers. When Brandon shows up later, robs our gang and waylays the coach, the group's forced to navigate the trail on foot through hostile Indian territory. When Cole's shot, Mike and Sully must leave he and Sister Ruth, to return later with help.

B Story: Matthew, Colleen and Brian decide to cook Mike and Sully a surprise Thanksgiving dinner. Unfortunately, thanks to the last-minute nature of this plan, they run up against various food shortages, starting with the turkey. Though supplies are scarce, the kids extract promises from various townsfolk for them, but when the stagecoach's delayed, the townsfolk renege on their promises, but thankfully, Cloud Dancing steps in. Cloud Dancing assists them with Thanksgiving dinner, and Mike, Sully, Sister Ruth and Kid Cole arrive just in time for a sumptuous Thanksgiving meal.

Kid Cole . . . . . Johnny Cash
Sister Ruth . . . . . June Carter Cash
Ingrid . . . . . Jennifer Youngs
Carey McGee . . . . . Kristin Davis
Brandon McGee . . . . . Pepper Sweeney
Ticket Agent . . . . . Vince Melocchi
Man in Store . . . . . David Willis

Writer: Josef Anderson
Director: Alan J. Levi

9. "Ladies Night". 11/26/94 - Two-hour episode shown over two weeks.

[Rating: 11.4 - Share: 20 - Rank: 40 - Viewers: 17.7]

Shooting Date: 5/9/94-5/17/94

A Story: Dorothy and Mike clash when Mike finds a lump in Dorothy's breast and tries to convince Dorothy to let her perform a mastectomy. She struggles with her friend's feelings and tries to separate herself from the situation. Sully, after talking with Dorothy, comforts Mike in her dilemma. At first, Dorothy declares she'd rather die, but in the end, she capitulates. Later, when Jake comes to visit her, he confesses to Loren that he simply doesn't feel the same way about Dorothy as he did before her "disfiguring" operation.

B Story: Colleen's impressive bust garners her unwanted attention from Jared, a new boy at school, but Colleen handles his harassment with dignity. In the end, she tells him he's missing out on the friendship of a great person -- her -- and, seeing the light, he agrees to start the relationship over.

C Story: When Jake and Loren hear Hank say "anyone wearin' a dress drinks for free" for Ladies Night at his saloon, they dress in drag and crash the place. Unfortunately, that night the saloon is robbed and Jake, who's outside relieving himself when it happens, is kidnapped by the two brother robbers, who intend to use him as leverage if anyone tracks them down. Later, one of the outlaw brothers befriends Jake and lets him go, but not before the other outlaw brother develops a bit of a crush on this "big-boned" gal.

This episode ends with a moving view of Mike, sitting at her dressing table and looking at herself in the mirror. She places her hands over her own breast, and Sully immediately comes up behind her, placing his hand over hers. He whispers, "I know what you're thinkin', and the answer's yes. I'll always love you no matter what happens. I'll always find you as beautiful as the first day I saw you."

Carl . . . . . Patrick St. Esprit
Ronnie . . . . . Tracy Fraim
Gloria . . . . . Mary Rings
Becky . . . . . Haylie Johnson
Jared McAllister . . . . . Johnny Moran

Writer: Toni Graphia
Director: Jerome R. London

10. "A First Christmas". 12/10/94

[Rating: 11.1 - Share: 19 - Rank: 30 - Viewers: 16.8]

Shooting Date: 10/24/94 - 10/31/94

The Frankels, a Jewish family including father Itzhak, mother Zara, 10-year-old son Aaron and baby Gisela, drive their wagon into town one day as townsfolk are assembled to decorate the town Christmas tree. Though Brian befriends Aaron, Itzhak and Zara are, except for Mike, Sully and the Cooper kids' extended hands, initially met only by unfriendly suspicion. Later, however, when it looks like the Jewish peddler may prove to be a commercial competitor to the General Store, Loren takes action by whipping Jake and other townsmen into a harassment campaign culminating in Ithak's peddler's cart being overturned on him in front of his family during Hanukkah. The next day we find that some of Itzhak's ribs are broken, and, discouraged, he and Zara want to leave town, despite the fact that it's the last night of Hanukkah. Mike, however, by providing example as well as persuasion, convinces the townsfolk to help the Frankels get back on their feet and the Frankel's to give the town another chance. That Christmas Eve, the abashed townsfolk gather at the clinic, where the Frankels are staying, and offer friendship and support to the grateful family.

This episode has a cute scene where Mike and Sully are walking hand-in-hand down the street, discussing the differences between cultures. Sully tells her the same applies for Indians, how they don't cater to inter-marriages. Mike then poses the question of her being Arapaho and him being Cheyenne, and he finishes her thought saying, "We couldn't get married." He swings her into his arms, saying, "I'd have to carry you off in the night," and then they share a kiss.

Itzhak . . . . . Bruce Nozick
Aaron . . . . . J. D. Daniels
Zara . . . . . Bari Hochwald
Christmas Carols Leader (Patricia Yearwood) . . . . . Trisha Yearwood (cameo)

Writer: William Schmidt.
Director: Chuck Bowman.

The Year 1870

11. "Indian Agent". 1/7/95

[Rating: 10.2 - Share: 17 - Rank: 62 - Viewers: 15.2]

Shooting Date: 6/21/94 - 6/26/94

A Story: Mike and the kids are proud when Sully is assigned the job of Indian Agent to the Cheyenne for $100 a month, but learn fast that the job is a futile one and corruption rife in the ranks when they deliver what they presume are food and supplies to the Cheyenne only to find there's no food and the supplies are useless. At first, Sully tries to make ends meet for the Indians by buying food supplies with his own money at the General store, but when he finds out that Loren's been engaged in buying dried beef and various sundries meant for the Indians from corrupt Indian Agent Lucien Hazen, District Superintendent of Indian Affairs, he confronts Loren, confiscates the beef, and effects an uneasy truce with Lucien Hazen. Sully also convinces the Reverend to solicit food donations for the Indians at church.

B Story: Lucien Hazen engages Hank and Loren in, at best, unethical behavior and at worst, corruption when he encourages Hank to trade the Indians for liquor and Loren to buy supplies meant for the Indians at cut-rate prices. The liquor Hank sells to the Indians sows discontent among their ranks, demoralizing them to the point of challenging the terms of their treaty with the whites to their leader, Black Kettle, and drinking themselves into stupors. Meanwhile, thanks to the lack of adequate food, Snow Bird, unable to get the proper nutrients from her diet, miscarries.

Superintendent Hazen . . . . . James Sloyan
Franklin . . . . . Pato Hoffman
Black Kettle . . . . . Nick Ramus
Gentle Horse . . . . . Hal Sparks
Young Whirlwind . . . . . Pete Panos

Writer: William Schmidt
Director: Jerry Jameson

12. "End of the World". 1/14/95

[Rating: 11.0 - Share: 19 - Rank: 45 - Viewers: 18.0]

Shooting Date: 11/14/94 - 11/20/94

A Story: Panic ensues when townsfolk read aloud "world-famous cometographer Dr. Jack Lancaster's" prediction that very soon Stowe's comet will collide with earth, extinguishing all life. Though Mike and Sully pooh-pooh the newspaper article as a hoax, the omens that the "good-scientist" predicted -- freak storms, hails of meteorites, red running water, living beings altering shape and color and volcanic-like eruptions where there are no volcanoes do start to occur, though sometimes they're rigged by Loren and Hank. As what they perceive to be impending doom approaches, some townsfolk act characteristically, and some behave in completely surprising ways -- however, in the final hour, the townsfolk converge in the church and, in a testimony to the innate goodness of human nature (and our townsfolk, in which nobody's really all bad) everyone exchanges vows of friendship. Even Hank, who attends Horace in the clinic after an appendectomy, by doing so displays, in this, the "final hour," his well-buried "good side."

B Story: Mike learns to look at things from her children's point of view when they start acting out their fear about "the end" in disturbing ways. Mike's particularly abashed to learn that she hasn't been sufficiently empathetic in regards to Colleen. Mike and Sully fly a kite.

Colleen . . . . . Jessica Bowman (debut)
Ingrid . . . . . Jennifer Youngs
Becky . . . . . Haylie Johnson
Richard . . . . . Thomas Ian Nichols

Writer: Andrew Lipsitz
Director: Victor Lobl

13. "Pike's Peace". 1/28/95

[Rating: 11.5 - Share: 20 - Rank: 39 - Viewers: 17.8]

Shooting Date: 11/2/94 - 11/9/94

"A" Story: Mike finds a kindred spirit when Sully, who's been thrown from his horse and injured, introduces her to his rescuer, Samantha -- otherwise known as Sam -- Lindsay, an older, pantaloon-wearing, Ralph Waldo Emerson spouting, free-spirited former Vermont teacher. As Mike treats Sully's foot, he tells her to check Sam's hand -- she hurt it catching Sully's horse -- but Mike turns to find Sam's slipped away, unobserved. Catching her outside, Mike asks her to stay at the homestead. Sam accepts, getting on famously with Mike and family and offering Mike solace about her mother, who's hurt Mike by writing her that, since Mike's wedding date conflicts with her annual flower show, she'll be unable to attend. Thus, Mike feels rejected anew when Sam says she's climbing Pike's Peak -- alone. Mike, worried for Sam, follows her, only to discover that she's climbed the mountain to die -- the scratch on her hand was symptomatic of her advanced, incurable leukemia. Not convincing Sam to descend the mountain and prolong her life, Mike, against her rules as a Dr. but unable to let Sam die alone, stays as a friend.

"B" Story: Unable to help herself, Grace resents Myra's pregnancy and hence Myra, who, feeling big as a whale and uncomfortable as hell, just wishes the whole ordeal over. A chance meeting with Sam, who tells her to enjoy being pregnant, bolsters Myra, but fate throws salt into Grace's wounded heart when, in Mike's absence, she's conscripted to assist Colleen in delivering Myra's baby. Grace overcomes her feelings and assists Colleen in the difficult delivery of a beautiful baby girl named Samantha for Sam Lindsay.

Sam Lindsay . . . . Eve Brenner
Walter Smoot . . . . . John Kendall

Writer: Kathryn Ford
Director: James Keach

14. "Cooper versus Quinn". 2/4/95 - 2 hour episode.

[Rating: 12.8 - Share: 21 - Rank: 19 - Viewers: 20.0]

Shooting Date: 12/2/94 - 12/10/94

"A" Story: Upon deciding that they want to adopt Colleen and Brian after they're married, Mike and Sully put an ad in both Denver and San Francisco newspapers to find the children's father, Ethan Cooper. To their surprise, (as he was last seen two years before when Sully caught him trying to abscond with the church's collection money) Ethan responds to the ad, arriving in town with a lovely, rich young bride, Lillian, on his arm. Although Mike and Sully are suspicious, initially it seems as if Ethan's a changed man and that he's arrived in town with no agenda other than to give Mike and Sully his blessing regarding the custody of the children. Mike, relieved, says of course visits will occur both ways. All looks well, until Lillian confides to Mike that she's been having trouble conceiving a child. After Mike examines her, she explains to Lillian that Lillian will never be able to bear children. At this, Ethan launches a custody battle for Brian and Colleen, since Lillian's father's will stipulates his estate be left not to her, but to any children she may have, with she and her spouse as executors. Sadly, Ethan wins, and the family's distraught.

Colleen and Brian, having been lost to Mike in a custody battle with their father, Ethan Cooper, go to live with he and his new wife, Lillian, until they're ready to return to San Francisco.. Unfortunately, the adjustment is uncomfortable for everyone, and Brian and Colleen, determined not to leave, run away. A search party is formed, and Mike, Matthew and Sully find the kids, but Colleen has contracted pneumonia. While Colleen hovers on the brink of life and death, Mike and Sully come to the sad realization that, for the children's sakes, they must quit fighting for their custody. When Colleen's recovered, Mike, Sully and Matthew reluctantly say good-bye to she and Brian as the town watches. The coach begins to pull away, but at the final moment, Lillian reconsiders and agrees to let the kids stay with Mike.

"B" Story: Myra and Horace, at their wits end, engage townsfolk in a mission to help stop new baby Samantha's incessant crying. Myra, at her wits end due to Samantha's incessant crying, walks the crying baby over to Hank's saloon. Surprisingly, it's Hank who manages to quiet the baby, allowing Myra some much needed surcease from the constant crying.

Ethan Cooper . . . . Ben Murphy
Lillian Cooper . . . . . Kaitlin Hopkins
Judge . . . . . John O'Leary
Becky . . . . . Haylie Johnson
Andrew . . . . . Andrew Strauss

Writer: Sara Davidson
Director: Chuck Bowman

15. "What is Love". 2/11/95

[Rating: 10.9 - Share: 19 - Rank: 48 - Viewers: 16.9]

Shooting Date: 1/9/95 - 1/17/95

The Reverend assigns a homework essay, to be entitled "What Is Love," in honor of Valentine's day. Brian, notepad in hand, decides that observing the activities of townsfolk will be the best way to determine the answer to this question. Meanwhile, Dorothy excitedly tells Mike that, in honor of Valentine's Day, she's decided to mount a production of Shakespeare's play, "Romeo and Juliet," and act as director. Colleen and best friend Becky try out for the play, but to Colleen's dismay, Becky gets the coveted role of Juliet. Later, Dorothy's fears that Jake's feelings have changed about her since her mastectomy are confirmed and they part. To make matters worse for Dorothy, several cast members are afflicted with laryngitis, herself included. Dorothy, heartbroken, reluctantly decides to cancel the play, but Mike declares she'll supervise the production for Dorothy until she's well. Meanwhile, Colleen, who's understudied Becky, will play Juliet, but to Mike's displeasure, she's a little too happy about it. Mike keeps the production afloat for Dorothy, Becky recovers and resumes her role and Colleen manages to be honestly gracious about it, and Loren, garbed in play attire, sweeps into the balcony of the clinic, (where Dorothy's been recuperating after a tiff with him about Jake), and "rescues" her, escorting her to the play with a flourish. Brian puts all the little acts of love he sees in his essay, and Sully presents Mike an engagement ring at the finale.

Becky . . . . . Haylie Johnson
Ingrid . . . . . Jennifer Youngs

Writer: Carl Binder
Director: Daniel Attias

16. "Things My Father Never Gave Me". 2/18/95

[Rating: 10.7 - Share: 19 - Rank: 45 - Viewers: 15.8]

Shooting Date: 11/22/94 - 11/31/94

"A" Story: Robert E feels delivered when, after Loren insinuates that he can't afford to buy Grace some of the finer things in life, (in this case, a shawl) Jackson Tait comes into town with a broken steam engine which Mike suggests Robert E alone can fix. Tait takes the chance on Robert E. The schedule for the steam engine to be delivered, fixed, is tight, and Robert E, needing help, employs Matthew and Lee and Quong Chang, two Chinese railroad workers. Unfortunately, Robert E, in his quest both to meet the deadline and prove to the town his capabilities, ends up treating his Chinese workers with callous disregard, even suggesting replacing one of them when he becomes ill. Eventually, Mike is able to show Robert E the error of his ways. Repentant, and reunited with the now-cured Chang brothers, Sully, and Matthew, (who'd quit in protest of Robert E's treatment of the Changs) Robert E manages to put together the steam engine, on schedule. It's then up to him to test the dangerous engine, which he does. In triumph, Robert E sweeps into Loren's store, buys Grace the coveted shawl, and shows Loren (and the town) that he's as capable as any free man.

"B" Story: When Lee and Quong Chang fall mysteriously ill, it's up to Mike to solve the puzzle of what's been poisoning them. Mike determines the toxin -- lead poisoning -- and by deductive logic narrows it down to the cookies they've been eating which have been contaminated at the factory by flour-millstones patched with lead.

"C" Story: Colleen and Peter's friendship deepens, and Colleen is hurt by friends' reactions to her relationship with a Chinese boy.

Jackson Tait . . . . . Allan Royal
Peter . . . . . Eric Michael Zee
Lee Chang . . . . . Ping Wu
Quong Chang . . . . . Ray Chang

Writer: D. Brent Mote
Director: Alan J. Levi

17. "Baby Outlaws". 2/25/95

[Rating: 11.1 - Share: 20 - Rank: 38 - Viewers: 16.9]

Shooting Date: 1/20/95 - 1/24/95

A Story: Belle Starr and her gang, comprised of brothers Jim and Cole Younger, ride into town and hold up the saloon. The brothers escape, but Belle is apprehended when Hank shoots her off her horse. In the fall, Belle is slightly wounded by a bullet through the shoulder. The town argues with Mike that Belle should be incarcerated while she's healing and awaiting trial, but Mike insists that she's redeemable, and offers to put her up at the homestead. Though they're reluctant, the townsfolk agree to let her do so. At the homestead, Belle has a definite effect on the Cooper kids. She tangles with Colleen, tries to seduce Matthew, and gets along famously with Brian, who idolizes her. When Dorothy interviews Belle for the gazette, Belle unintentionally lets out that she's from Dallas, and Mike tracks down her father, who sends back a telegram stating that he wants nothing to do with his daughter. At this, Belle tries to escape, and Mike and Sully sadly concede that jail's where she belongs after all. Meanwhile, Belle's gang, the Younger brothers, have spotted Belle in the jail and decide that the best way to spring her is to kidnap Brian and use him as a bargaining chip, and it's up to Mike and family to rescue him.

B Story: Colleen becomes frightened of horses when she's thrown from Taffy, Brian's little mare, but when Brian is kidnapped by the Younger brothers, she overcomes her fear and mounts Belle's spirited palomino, Thunder, to save him.

Belle Starr . . . . . Melissa Clayton
Cole Younger . . . . . Ian Bohen
Jim Younger . . . . . Donnie Jeffcoat
Becky . . . . . Haylie Johnson
Boy . . . . . T. J. McInturff

** Note: Colleen is afraid to ride a horse in this episode, but she has ridden horses many times in previous episodes, namely "Crossing the Line" when she had to race into town to report the cave-in at the mine.

Writer: Jennifer Tait and Tim Shell
Director: Jerome London.

18. "Bone of Contention". 3/11/95

[Rating: 12.1 - Share: 18 - Rank: 44 - Viewers: 15.5].

Shooting Date: 6/6/94 - 6/18/94

"A" Story: When Dr. John Porter, a paleontologist, shows up, he infects the townsfolk with "bone fever" -- seems there's money to be had for dinosaur bones. However, when the dig site encroaches on sacred Indian burial grounds, Mike and Sully question the needs of scientific progress vs. preservation of sacred sites. The townsfolk are indifferent to the Indians' plight until, tit-for-tat, Dog Soldiers raid the local graveyard and Loren's beloved wife Maude's bones are taken. Now it's up to Sully to strike a deal to get them back. Ultimately, Dr. John Porter is driven off, and what's left of the Indian burial grounds are preserved.

"B" Story: Colleen and Matthew unite in an effort to keep Brian from discovering that the "dinosaur" bone given him by his father is probably a fake. To distract him, they indulge him in speculation that dinosaurs may still exist alive on the earth, spurring Brian to go seeking one at the Indian burial grounds. There, he runs into a "monster" -- Cloud Dancing -- who's seeking the help of the spirits to protect the burial grounds, as well as Dr. Porter, whose wrath he incurs for trespassing on the dig site. Porter takes him home to Dr. Mike, and Matthew and Colleen confess their ruse. Brian's very angry at them, until he talks with Mike about it and she comforts him by reasoning with him that if he thinks his father wanted to give him something as special as a dinosaur bone, then it doesn't really matter if it's "real" or not.

Dr. Porter . . . . . Jack Bannon
Colleen . . . . . Erika Flores (returns for one episode)
Sargeant . . . . . Will Egan

Writer: Debbie Smith and Danna Doyle
Director: Victor Lobl

19. "Permanence of Change". 4/8/95

[Rating: 8.5 - Rank: 17 - Share: 46 - Viewers: 13.0].

Shooting Date: 2/24/95 - 3/4/95

"A" Story: When the Reverend's abscessed tooth necessitates a substitute teacher, Mike fills in, only to discover that townsfolk object to her educating the children about Darwin's recent theory of evolution. As a result, the Reverend hastily returns to his teaching position before any more "harm" can be done. Ultimately, however, Mike's knowledge of Darwin serves a young girl, Mary Ann Daggett, in good stead when Mike discovers that she's being abused by her guardian. After doing some research, Mike discovers that, though there are no child-abuse laws in the books, there are animal abuse laws. As such, Mike takes the man, Mr. Daggett, to court, and successfully persuades the court that, as an "animal," Mary Ann Dagget is being abused and should be removed from her guardian.

"B" Story: Brian befriends a young girl, Mary Ann Daggett, and discovers her terrible secret -- with no parents to protect her, she's being neglected and physically abused by her "guardian," Mr. Daggett. It is Brian who calls Mary Ann's rat-bite wounds to Mike's attention, ultimately resulting in Mike's triumphant court case.

Mary Ann Daggett . . . . . Doren Fein
Mr. Daggett . . . . . Arthur Taxier
Becky's Mother . . . . . Nancy Gilmour (she supposedly died in Father's Day)
Cal . . . . . Richard Stuart
Steven Myers . . . . . Ross Malinger

Writer: Carl Binder
Director: Jerry Jameson

20. "Washita". 4/29/95 - 2 hour episode

[Rating: 9.3 - Share: 18 - Rank: 47 - Viewers: 14.2]

Shooting Date: 1/25/95 - 2/20/95

"A" Story: Suspicious at Custer's return to Colorado Springs, Sully and Mike do some investigative work and learn that Custer is there to mount a final, decimating campaign against the Indians. Mike and Sully strive to ward off disaster, even attending Custer's dinner party in an attempt to reason with him. Sadly, they learn too late the lay of Custer's heinous plan and are unable to avert the Indians' slaughter at the Washita River, arriving only in time to see the grisly aftermath and to rescue "Lives In Hopes," an Indian baby whom they find sheltered beneath the body of No Harm Comes to Him, the same way No Harm's mother saved him. Grace and Robert E take in the baby until a suitable home can be found for him.

B Story: While examining her patients on the reservation, Mike treats "No Harm Comes To Him," a valiant little Indian boy with a big spirit. As he's suffering from malnutrition, Mike offers to bring him home to treat him. Cloud Dancing agrees, and No Harm and Brian become fast friends. No Harm even teaches Brian to play the flute. When the time comes for the Indians to relocate, however, No Harm chooses to go with his people. Later, Brian must deal with his sadness when Sully brings him a small flute, his only legacy from No Harm, who's been slaughtered at the Washita River.

Mike and Sully find out about their wedding presents to each other early and have a little fun in the new homestead.


"A" Story: Brian, Sully and Mike must deal with the effects of the slaughter at Washita; Brian because he's lost his friend No Harm Comes to Him, Sully because his beloved Cheyenne are now gone, and Mike, the hardest hit, because she's lost her faith in human nature. Brian and Sully cope fairly well, but Mike sinks into a profound depression. Concern for Mike extends to sympathetic townsfolk such as Dorothy, Grace and Robert E, but family and friends are helpless to comfort Mike; the journey to restore her faith both in mankind's inherent good nature and in her own ability to make a difference in the world must be made by her alone. Eventually, Mike's numb apathy gives way to sorrow, and she breaks down sobbing. Instinctively knowing that acknowledgment of grief leads to its eventual healing, Mike's loved ones are relieved to have the Mike they know back in their midst, and surround her lovingly. At the story's end, Mike, renewed in her belief that she can make a difference, goes to Dorothy with her story of the Washita massacre, and Dorothy prints Mike's version of the massacre in her gazette.

Grace and Robert E decide to raise the Cheyenne baby brought back from the Washita massacre as their own, but their happiness is short-lived when Mike persuades them to let Cloud Dancing take the baby to a band of surviving Cheyenne in the north.

Black Kettle . . . . . Nick Ramus
General George Custer . . . . . Jason Leland Adams
No Harm Comes to Him . . . . . Sean Price-McConnell
Little Thurnder . . . . . George Randall
William Hayley . . . . . Daniel Wantland
Mr. James . . . . . Max Gail
Young Worker . . . . . Eric Paskel
Dying Trooper . . . . . Alan Cutler
Worker . . . . . Daniel Bryan Cartmell

Writer: Kathryn Ford and Julie Kirbo
Director: James Keach

21. "Sully's Recovery". 5/6/95

[Rating: 9.7 - Share: 20 - Rank: 36 - Viewers: 14.5]

Shooting Date: 4/10/95 - 4/18/95

While on his way to resign as Indian Agent (despite Michaela's request that he not) after the U.S. Cavalry's massacre of the Cheyenne, Sully discovers Loren badly injured in the wilderness and must battle his own spiritual despair in order to save him. Together they heal their wounds (internal and external).  Meanwhile, Michaela is alarmed about Brian who is consumed with his efforts to build a flying machine. The entire town becomes caught up in the boy's attempt to put on wings, but Michaela fears the venture might be both physically and emotionally dangerous.

Superintendent Hazen . . . . . James Sloyan
Army Sargeant . . . . . Tim de Zarn
Clyde . . . . . Roger Hewlett
Ralph . . . . . Brian Donovan
Private . . . . . Joe Fiske
Surgeon . . . . . Robert Craighead

Writer: Sara Davidson
Director: Jerry Jameson

22. "Ready or Not". 5/13/95

[Rating: 9.1 - Share: 19 - Rank: 45 - Viewers: 13.5]

Shooting Date: 2/22/95

Mike and Sully go to the Reverend for some pre-marital counseling and we see and hear about, through flash-backs and dialogue, the couple's unresolved issues which if left unattended could potentially mar their impending union. These include, for an uncomfortable moment, the Reverend's brief courtship of Mike ("It was about the orphans!") as well as Sully's experience with the 'white' Indian woman, Catherine, who had a crush on him, ("She kissed me!").

Though it looks like touch and go for a bit, Sully and Mike benefit enormously from the counseling, as it brings certain buried and perhaps festering issues out into the open and allows the two to air them. As a result, Sully and Mike re-affirm their love to each other and emerge from their counseling sessions with the Reverend a stronger couple, ready and able to face the future and firm in their resolve that their marriage will be a good one. The episode contains clips of past episodes and a resolution to the Another Woman episode, as well as some very entertaining dialogue.

Writer: Sara Davidson
Director: Jerome London

23. "For Better or Worse". 5/20/95 - 2 hour episode

[Rating: 12.7 - Share: 25 - Rank: 19 - Viewers: 19.3]

Shooting Date: 3/7/95 - 4/8/95

Michaela and Sully are ready to tie the knot, but not before they tie up some loose ends.

The train finally arrives in Colorado Springs, bringing Mike's mother and two sisters for the wedding. John (from Halloween II) is the new train conductor. Elizabeth Quinn has her own plans the wedding which don't exactly match Mike's and Sully's. Sully wants Cloud Dancing to be his best man, but this is complicated by a bounty placed on Cloud Dancing by Custer. Sully doesn't want to wear a wedding ring, nor a wedding tuxedo. Mike doesn't want to change her name; nor does she want to wear the dress her mother brought or the one Dorothy made. While earlier, Sully promised to be Michaela's family (in her own family's absence) and Michaela promised to be Sully's best friend (in the absence of Cloud Dancing), Mike's family's arrival and Mike's hesitancy to accept Sully through "their eyes" causing Sully to go off and "think."

When he doesn't return for several days, Mike gets worried. Amidst remarks that Mike has been stood up, Mike continues to believe in their love. When Sully finally returns, Mike realizes she just wants Sully as her husband, so they vow to have *their* wedding.  Mike and Sully marry on May 20, 1870, a day Cloud Dancing says is an omen. Brian, feeling left out, has a surprise for the newlyweds. Mike and Sully consummate their marriage amidst the ever-famous "darker and darker" scene.

Elizabeth Quinn . . . . . Georgann Johnson
Marjorie Quinn . . . . . Alley Mills
Rebecca (Quinn) . . . . . Elinor Donihue
General George Custer . . . . . Jason Leland Adams
Ingrid . . . . . Jennifer Youngs
Jon . . . . . Christopher Keene Kelly
John (train engineer) . . . . . . Richard Moll

Writer: Beth Sullivan
Director: Gwen Arner

Suggested Logical Viewing Order for Season 3 from Karen Holp:

The Train; Fathers & Sons; Ladies Night I & II; Cattle Drive I & II; Bones of Contention; Halloween II; The Library; Money Trouble; Thanksgiving; Washington Affair; First Christmas; Indian Agent; End of the World; Pike's Peace; Cooper vs. Quinn; What Is Love; Things My Father; Baby Outlaw; Permanence of Change; Washita; Sully's Recovery; Ready or Not; For Better or Worse


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