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Videos (region 1 only!)

Dr. Quinn episodes on uncut, commercial-free VHS videos:
  • Call Columbia House at 1-800-667-0364
  • Order online at
  • Ask for the "Dr. Quinn Video Collection" on VHS
  • Cost of the Pilot on VHS is $4.99 + shipping & handling
  • 30 total tapes with 2 hours of show on each tape
  • Future videos (two DQ episodes or one two-hour episode) cost $19.95 each + $3.95 shipping & handling
  • Tapes arrive every 4 weeks
  • You can order the videos in one group shipment, if you don't mind being billed a lot at once. This saves shipping costs in the long run.
  • You can also request the videos be shipped in 2 weeks instead of 4.
  • Specify your wishes to the representative and have a debit/credit card ready.

Ordering numbers for episodes currently available through Columbia House: (if you receive additional videos which are not listed below, please contact us so we can update.)

23510 Revolutions: The Dr. Quinn Movie (discontinued)
23112 Pilot (2-hour ep.)
23113 The Epidemic/The Visitor
23114 Law of the Land/The Healing
23115 Father's Day/Bad Water
23116 Great American Medicine Show/Running Ghost
23117 Happy Birthday/Rite of Passage
23118 The Operation/Portraits
23119 The Race/Sanctuary
23120 Halloween/Saving Souls
23121 Where the Heart Is (2 hour episode)

23122 Sully's Choice/Orphan Train
23123 Abduction (2 hour episode)
23124 Campaign/Man in the Moon
23125 Return Engagement (2 hour episode)
23126 Cattle Drive (2 hour episode)
23127 Ladies Night (2 hour episode)
23128 Indian Agent/Pike's Peace
23129 Cooper vs. Quinn (2 hour episode)
23130 Washita (2 hour episode)
23131 For Better or Worse (2 hour episode)
26257 The Heart Within: Dr. Quinn Movie (discontinued)

26530 A New Life/Traveling All-Stars
26531 Brother's Keeper/Dorothy's Book
26532 Promises Promises/One Touch of Nature
26533 Change of Heart/Tin Star
26534 Dead or Alive (2 hour episode)
26535 Hearts and Minds/Woman of the Year
26536 Fear Itself/One Nation
26537 When a Child is Born (2 hour episode)
26538 Runaway Train/Los Americanos
26539 Last Dance/Right or Wrong

*** If you want to see more episodes, contact Columbia House and ask them to carry more of the series. Right now, they have their third set of videos. If enough people call and ask for the series, they will realize the great market out there and might continue with more sets.

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