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Fan Fiction Corner

Throughout the years, many visitors to our town have taken the time to write stories involving our residents and our town, and we've decided to feature some of them. Because there are over 1000 of them available, we prefer web sites first. We also have a listing of helpful sources for anyone wishing to write a story of their own about our town. Do you have a web site that features fanfic stories? Send it to us.

In addition, a frequent visitor to our town runs the Dr. Quinn Fan Fiction Archive. It's the most comprehensive resource of stories and web sites featuring stories. Take a look.

Because we can only provide space, we are no longer able to offer hosting for any stories. Instead, contact the Dr. Quinn Fan Fiction Archive site above.

Helpful sources for writing Dr. Quinn FanFic

*If you find a broken link, contact us and let us know.

American Memory site of the Library of Congress
Dialogue Writing in FanFiction
Guide to Writing FanFiction
Guide 2 Writing FanFiction
History Place's Civil War Timeline
Northern Plains Indians
PBS General Timeline

Michaela and Sully (featuring the Fab Five of DQ FanFic)

Becky H's Stories
Carolyn W's Stories
Debby K's Stories
Pam H's Stories (Australia)
Tiff's Stories

Colleen and Andrew

Compilation of C&A stories

Other Characters

Gypsy's After the Rain
Hank Lawson Blog
McKay's Story

Misc. Stories

C.R Sunrise's FF corner
Esther's stories
(Dr. Quinn category)
Megs' Stories
NFiction.Net (new site; Dr. Quinn category)
S.L. Snyder's stories
Virtual 7th Season, the
Virtual 8th Season, the

Featured Stories on this Site

All Hearts Lead to Home by Helen T. Another Touch of Nature by Sooz  
Blackmail by Rebecca B. Brothers' Promises by Shannon Burden of Guilt by Lori M.
Christmas Gifts by Maureen P. Circle of Life by Esther G. Created Equal by Nina T.
Dark Secret by Lori M.    
Emily by Alex H.    
Follow Your Heart by Rebecca B. Forever I Do by Helen T. Forgive and Forget by Linda B.
Hand in Hand C. Foust Hear My Call by Amanda B. Heart to Heart by C. Foust
Heart Knows, the by C. Foust Helping Hand by Jennifer G. Home is Where the Heart Is by J.B. Williams
Honeymoon by Sooz    
Illusions by Sandi & Jean M.    
Journeys to Freedom by Christine B. Joyful Children by Virginie G. Judgment Day by Rebecca B.
Just a Dream by Lori M.    
Life and Death by Amy G. Love at First Sight by Sarah D.  
Memoirs of a Broken Window by Esther G. Memories of Long Time Past by Megs Michaela Finds Out by Rebecca B.
Michaela's Mistrust by C.P. Briar Michaela's Perfect Day by Sooz  
Night of Life-Giving Love by Lee Ann M. No Greater Burden by Judith A.  
Presumed Dead by Lizzie D.    
Release by Ron B. Rescue and Redemption by Rebecca B. Reunion by Ron B.
Seasons of Change by Hillary W. Sully's Claim by Jean C. Sully's Song by Jean C.
Temptation by Ron B. They Mate for Life by Cathy E.  
Valentine's Day to Remember, a by Lee Ann M.    
Washington Affair, a (cont'd) by Jennifer G. Where We Belong by Judith A.  

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