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It's good to know a member of the cast!

  • Jane Seymour's sister, Anne, was in First Circle, standing inside the saloon.
  • Jane Seymour's mother, Mieke, was in First Circle, as part of the sewing circle.
  • Jane Seymour's children, Katie and Sean, were in Where the Heart Is, playing Dr. Mike's niece and nephew.
  • Jane Seymour's son, Sean, also played Matthew Cooper's son in A Christmas Tale: Dr. Mike's Dream.
  • Joe Lando's then-girlfriend, now wife, Kirsten, was in Happy Birthdayin the crowd at the end (with Orson's wife Alley Mills) as a saloon girl when the town gave Dr. Mike her sign and right before Sully appeared in his suit. Kirsten was also in a scene in Where the Heart Is standing behind Michaela at her mother's birthday party.
  • Joe Lando's sister, Kathy, was in Runaway Train, in the train station at the beginning sitting on a bench in a blue dress.
  • Erika Flores' sister, Missy, appeared as a recurring character, playing one of Becky's younger sisters.
  • Shawn Toovey's mother and father, Jim and Cynthia, were in the gathering of people watching the living nativity at the end of Fifi's First Christmas.
  • Megan, McKenzie and Alexandra (Lexi) Calabrese; Tess and Jack Knobeloch-Sullivan; Kris and John Keach; they all were in attendance at Katie's birthday party in Moment of Truth.
  • Stephen Calabrese (brother to the triplets who played "Katie") appeared as a background actor in several episodes, namely the series finale, A New Beginning, where he can be seen as a boy, wearing a hat, standing by the punch table at the very beginning of Colleen and Andrew's wedding reception.
  • Frank Collison's son, Gabriel, appeared with the other "babes of Quinn" at Katie's birthday party in Moment of Truth.
  • Frank Collison's daughters, Claire and Eliza, appeared as extras in The Library, the episode where the books were burned.
  • Jason Leland Adams' wife, Alicia Hoge, appeared as the mother of the first little boy who contracted diphtheria in A Time to Heal, part 1.

Show Gossip

Did you know...?

  • Orson Bean (Loren Bray) is married to Alley Mills (Marjorie Quinn)?
  • Beth Sullivan (executive producer) is married to Jim Knobeloch (Jake Slicker)?
  • the babies and children who appeared at Katie's birthday party in "Moment of Truth" were the children of cast and crew members of Dr. Quinn? (Jane Seymour's twins - Kris and John Keach; Beth and Jim's twins - Tess and Jack Knobeloch; the Calabrese triplets - Megan, McKenzie, and Alexandra Calabrese)

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