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Cast/Crew Happenings

Jane Seymour is back on TV in a weekly series, Modern Men, about 3 single men in their 20's who seek love advice from a life coach, Jane. It deputs on March 17, 2006 on the WB and will run for 6-7 weeks. She also keeps busy with art show appearances and will next appear at the annual New York Art Expo the first weekend of March. Jane's recent film, The Wedding Crashers was the summer blockbuster in 2005. Her second comedy, Driving Blind Guy is slated to hit theatres sometime this year.

For more information on her latest news, visit her official web site and check out Movies, All About Jane or Jane Sightings.

Joe Lando has been busy with guest star appearances on ABC's Wildfire, as well as two movies, Bloodsuckers and Shockwave. For screen captures of his appearances and to read news about his latest projects visit the Official Joe Lando Web Page.

Chad Allen is currently celebrating 25 years in the film industry. His latest film, End of the Spear, hit theatres in January and received rave reviews. For more details and the latest news, visit Chad's Official web site.

Orson Bean has lent his voice talents to the commercials for Pepperidge Farm and has made a recent appearance on the TV sitcom, Two-and-a-Half Men.


William Shockley recently returned from Russia where he filmed a movie with David Carradine. His latest project involves a script he cowrote entitled Welcome to Paradise and it begins filming in March. He's also the international voice for AT&T, so listen for him in their new commercials. Check out William's official web site, which will be seeing a lot of changes in the coming months. Stay tuned!

Frank Collison has made several TV guest star appearances on Carnivale, My Name is Earl and Invasion. He also had a small role as Victor (town elder) in the M. Night Shamalan film, The Village. Hope Springs, in which Frank had a part, is available on DVD. Frank continues to work and is staying active in the industry. Learn more about him at his official web site.

Henry G. Sanders has recently completed filming on a new movie written and directed by Sylvester Stallone, Rocky Balboa about Rocky's return to the ring. Henry's character is Martin. It's slated for a 2007 release.

Jennifer Youngs and the Blazing Sons have just finished their brand new CD. She now lives in New York City with her husband, Ronnie Champagne. Read her latest information and get CD ordering details at her official web site. She even has a place where you can write to her.

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