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Quotes - Season Two

18. The Race

Dr. Cassidy: "Do you have a husband (looking at Sully) Are you her husband?"
Mike: "No, I don't have a husband, and I don't see...."
Dr. Cassidy: "Well, that's your problem. Get a husband! Women belong in the home. They don't belong in horse races, and they certainly don't belong in the medical field!"
Mike: "Is he the most bigotous, pompous, condescending...."
Sully: "Easy! Don't pick your battles."

Dr. Cassidy: "I know Drew. And he would rather risk his chances riding to Denver than have some hysterical female cut him open. This is the best chance he's got!"
Mike: "No, *I'm* the best chance!"
Dr. Cassidy: "That, madam, is a matter of opinion!"
(after Drew is brought back, having died on the route to Denver)
Mike: "What do you think his chances are now, doctor?"

Reverend: "Brian, that was the most stimulatin' pie we've tasted. Tell the folks what you put in it."
Brian: "I can't remember."

19. Sanctuary

(An indian woman is throwing her things out the door of the teepee, about to leave her husband)
Sully: "Someone's wife is pretty mad."
Mike: "I feel sorry for the poor man. Whose teepee is it?"
Cloud Dancing: "Mine."

Mike: "Do you think a man can love two women at the same time?"
Sully: "If you were one of those women, would you want him to?"

20. Halloween

Colleen: (to Dr. Mike) "You throw the apple peelin's over your shoulder and they're suppose to spell out the initials of the person you're going to marry. You should try it."
Brian: "Bet it'd be a BIG 'S'!"
(all break out laughing)
Michaela: (embarassed) "BRIAN!"

21. The Incident

Conce S. and Susan L.
Sully: "Thing is, once people get this mad, they forget what they're fighting about. All they know is they gotta win. Can't back down."

Cloud Dancing: "They will take your horse as well."
Jake: "What? How am I s'posed to get back?"
Cloud Dancing: "You can keep the shoes."

22. Saving Souls

Dr. Mike to Sister Ruth: "I'm not your sister."

Dr. Mike: "I think we've had this discussion before Reverend. Do you or do you not answer to a higher power?"
Sully: "Maybe you better figure that out, Reverend."

23. Where the Heart Is

Pam H.
Elizabeth Quinn: (to Sully) "When in Rome, do as the Romans do."

Sully: "They say home is where the heart is, Matthew."

Debby K.
"Because I love you!" - Sully's revelation to Michaela as to why he really came to Boston. It was such a difficult declaration for him to make, and it started Mike and Sully on their journey together. The intonation of Joe's voice when he spoke it was perfect.

Sully: "What's the matter with you?"
Michaela: "What do you mean?"
Sully: "I mean I can start a fire, same as you, as I remember. Ain't ya glad ta see me?"
Michaela: "Of course I'm glad. I'm just surprised to see you *here*, that's all."

Michaela: "What are you doing?"
Sully: "That's obvious, ain't it?"
Michaela: "You're just leaving?"
Sully: "Nothin' ta stay for."
Michaela: "Without even saying goodbye?"
Sully: "Goodbye."
Michaela: "Why did you come here?"
Sully: "What do you care?"
Michaela: "I care!"
Sully: "Well, you sure didn't act like it back there at that meetin'!"
Michaela: "I asked you a question."
Sully: "Why did I come?"
Michaela: "Yes."
Sully: "I told ya."
Michaela: "What's the real reason?"
Sully: "Because."
Michaela: "Because why?"
Sully: "Because I love you."
(the train lurches and she falls against Sully, his arms embracing her to keep her from falling; she pushes away and leaves, exiting the train station and wiping the tears from her eyes; after returning to her mother's home and finding Sully gone, she decides to return to Colorado; Colleen sees Sully first and tentatively touches her back; she turns and sees him, then hesistantly walks towards him; he opens his arms slightly, she runs down the street and he catches her in his arms, swinging her around)
Michaela: "I love you, too."

24. Giving Thanks

Sully: "I'll show you my world."
Michaela: "I've already seen your world. I live here, remember?"
Sully: "Only what I wanted you to see."
Michaela: "And now?"
Sully: "Now, I'll show ya everythin'."

Sully to Mike: "You can't change some things, and you can't change some people."

Mike: "In my heart I know where I want us to be. But I don't know how we'll get there."
Sully: "Me neither. There's no maps. But if you're willing to start off without one..."
Mike: "I am."
Sully: "Then I know where to start."

Melissa B.
Cloud Dancing: "Man and woman are not meant to be alone. Like Mother Earth and Father Sky. Everything needs a partner, or they become unbalanced. It's nature!"
Sully: "Dr. Mike's an awfully strong force of nature."

Cloud Dancing: "No drinky. Bad water. You get 'em?"

25. Best Friends

Michaela: "We're so different. I mean, he sleeps on the ground, likes to come and go as he pleases. I just don't know that I'm cut out for all of this. I've always been on my own."
Dorothy: "You're the one that believes folks can change..."
Michaela: "Sully wants to touch and kiss...
Dorothy: "Well, that's...(Dorothy begins to reassure her there's nothing wrong, but a realization hits her, and she changes tactics)'ve never been with a man." (she says this meaning because Michaela has no "experience", she doesn't understand men in this area.)
Michaela: "Maybe this is all a mistake."
Michaela begins to weep, and Dorothy comforts her.

Dorothy to Mike, reassuring her about Sully's feelings: "Even if I wasn't your friend. That man's got no room in his heart for anyone but you! He's like a needle on a compass, points true north. He's as straight and sure as you are. That's the way you're alike, and it's more important than all the ways you're different."

Michaela: "You're right. I was jealous."
Sully: "I know."
Michaela: "It was foolish."
Sully: "It was."
Michaela: "Must you agree with me *all* of the time?"

Sully: "Look, you don't try to change me, and I won't try to change you. How's that?"
Mike: "Not acceptable."
Sully: "Well, that's all I have to say."

Sully: "You tired? I know these things must be hard on you."
Mike: "I thought you'd be more concerned about Dorothy."
Sully: "What are you talking about?"
Mike: "Please don't pretend. I can't bare that."
Sully: "Pretend what?"
Mike: "I saw you leaving her room, remember? And that Sunday when the store was closed." Sully chuckles. "What are you smiling about?"
Sully: "You're jealous."
Mike: "I'm not jealous. I'm just stating the facts, and for god's sake, wipe that smirk of your face! What am I supposed to think?"
Sully: "You're supposed to trust me." He walks out of the clinic.

26. Sully's Choice

Sully: "I can't stay in hidin' the rest of my life. I'm turnin' myself in."
Sully: "As long as there's a bounty on my head, I'll never be safe."
Sully: "I've been called a lot of things in my life, but I've never been called an outlaw."
Sully: "I helped the Cheyenne because I care about them. I've helped them do a lot of things, but I've never helped them hurt no one."

Mike: "Did I miss anything?"
Matthew: "Nothin' much."

27. A Christmas Tale: Dr. Mike's Dream

Brian: "Ma, we don't have a present for you yet."
Matthew: "We ordered somthin' from Boston but it didn't get here on time."
Brian: "It was Colleens' idea."
Colleen: "Would you stop saying that!"

Claire V.
Hank: "Sully, tell Michaela if she needs her wick trimmed to let me know."
Sully: "I'd be glad to, Hank, but the truth is, you're not man enough to hold a candle to her."

28. Crossing the Line

29. The Offering

Col. Egan: "They are late."
Sully: "They Cheyenne say that only a white man needs a watch to tell him when he is hungry."

Hank: "What's all the racket? I can hardly hear myself think..."
Horace: "Hard enough for you to think as it is!"

30. The Circus

Sully: "Whatever you say."
Michaela: "Sully, do you think I'm too...."
Sully: "Bossy?.....Not for me."

Laura B.
Dr. Mike: "If you make a decision that you truly believe is the right one for you at the time, then that's a good decision."

31. Another Woman

Brian: (to Sully, after their conversation about Sully and Catherine's kiss) "I think fishin' is fishin' and kissin' is kissin'."

32. Orphan Train

Sully: "Do you love 'im?"
Michaela: "How dare you ask me that? You, who, who have told me that, that you're not ready to love anyone. You, who, who comes and goes as he pleases. You, who, who never so much as offered any kind of committment to me and my children!"
Sully: "Do you *love* 'im?"
Michaela: "I'm very fond of the Reverend. And he's made me a proposal that no one, including you, has cared to do and I don't take that lightly."
Sully: "If marriage is all you want, you've found the right man."

33. Buffalo Soldiers

34. Luck of the Draw

35. Life and Death

Sully: "There's no lookin' back. You do the best you can at the time. That's all you can do."

36. First Circle

Dorothy: "So what time did Matthew get home last night?"
Mike: "Oh, I don't keep track of things like that Dorothy. After all he's 18 years old........Almost midnight. I'm not so sure I like the idea of this new club."
Dorothy: "Oh I think it's a wonderful idea for the men to have their own club. It's kind of like our quiltin' circle."
Mike: "Well that's true."
Dorothy: "Keeps 'em out of the saloon. Away from drinkin', and gamblin', and whorin'."
Mike: (with a smile) "I wonder what they do then?"

Bancroft: "Oh, uh Dr. Quinn. Did you get an opportunity to examine that contract of yours?"
Mike: "As a matter of fact I have."
Bancroft: "And?"
Mike: "Take the clinic."
Bancroft: "I beg your pardon?"
Mike: "Do whatever you want to do with my mortgage. I'll practice in the street if I have to, I'll pitch a tent, I'll work from my wagon, but I will never, never, give in to the likes of you!"

37. Just One Lullaby

Mike: "You could have learned to sing lullabies."
Louise: "I guess the truth of the matter is that I don't think they're necessary."

38. The Abduction

Claire V.
Sully: "She's my heartsong."

Debby K.
"Did they hurt you?" - Sully to Mike as he tended to her cut feet. He was really asking if she had been violated by the Dog Soldiers, but could not bring himself to say the words. There was such incredible compassion and tenderness in his voice.

39. The Campaign

Brandy B.
Loren: "We can't have a lady mayor! You know what that'll make us look like?"
Hank: "A town full of sissies?"

40. Man in the Moon

Mike: "But the ring makes it official."
Sully: "Rings shouldn't matter as long as they love each other."
Mike: "But it does matter Sully. It is a symbol. When he kneels before her and asks for her hand, there is just something magical about it."
Sully: "If magic is what she wants."
Mike: "She wants it all."
Sully: "Does she?"
Mike: "She wants a proper church wedding. She wants to wear the white dress and march down the isle. She wants to cut the wedding cake and throw the bouquet. What woman wouldn't? Sully, Myra has never been accepted into our church and tomorrow she's going on Horace's arm."
Sully: (takes her arm) "I'd like you to go on mine."

Sully (to Michaela): "Sometimes a shadow falls over the moon, and it looks dark. The light's still there, it's just covered up for a while. You got that light. I've seen it. Trust that it's there."

Michelle P.
Brian: "What if there is a man on the moon?"
Michaela: "What if there is?"
Brian: "What if he's lonely, and waitin' all of this time for us to get there, and we couldn't reach him? What if that cannonball with the people in it just circles and circles, and he can see them circlin'? What if he knows that they're out there, and that they can't reach him?
Michaela: "I think that'd be very sad."
Brian: "Do you think folks'll ever go to the moon?"
Michaela: "I think, Brian, that anything is possible."

Michelle P.
Michaela: "I've been thinking about what you said. You're right. Something inside of me is frozen. It's not that I don't feel things, I... I do. I feel love, I feel pain, I feel passion. I feel all of these things inside of me, swirling around, sometimes so, so powerfully that it frightens me. Especially when it comes to men. I don't know what I'm afraid will happen if I let my feelings out. I... I suppose that I'm afraid I'll seem silly or weak, or ... or that maybe he won't hear me. Or worse yet, that he'll hear me and won't respond, and I'll just be left there standing. You're not afraid of that, are you? You know how to reach out, to risk looking like a fool, for the sake that someone will respond in kind. If only I could be that brave. (compellingly) "Hank!"
-- break as she begins to leave the recovery room --
Hank: (croaked) "Michaela?........ Michaela?"
Michaela: (whispered) "Hank?"
Hank: "Michaela."
- Hank was in a coma. At the end, he heard her and came out of it, smiling slightly.

41. Return Engagement

Jake: "If I were Sully, I'd run that flower-pickin' jackass right outta town!"

Linda R.
Sully: "I don't want ya to leave. I wanna be with you; I *need* to be with you. I will love you all my days. Will you marry me?"
Michaela: "Yes!"

Sully: "Michaela, I love you, and I'll do anything for you. I'd give my life for you, you know that. I wanna marry you, but more than that, I want you to be happy. So you gotta choose the person who's gonna make you happy, the person that would be best for you. And whatever you do, I'll be behind you. I just wanted you to know that."

Joannie U.
This is my all-time favorite scene:
Sully: "You love David."
Michaela: "Yes, I'll always love David. But he's the past, and you're the present. We're the present. If you'll have me. Will you, Sully?"
Sully: "Will I what?"
Michaela (with acceptance and respect for Sully's stance): "Will you marry me?"
Sully: "Yes." (spoken quietly and steadily)

The look on Sully's face when he turns the tables on Michaela says so much. On one level, it was Sully saying he worked past his fears and asked her to marry him. She accepted but raked him over the coals with her indecision about David. This time, he's making her ask, challenging her to come to the same point as he.

On another level, it is Sully saying he overcame his fear to love again, understanding that this time it was an all-consuming love - something he had never felt before. He had made *his* committment in his proposal. It was now necessary that Michaela make *hers*, in her own words, with no reservations. The relationship between two such strong individuals would never flourish if it did not begin on equal ground.

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