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Quotes - Season Six

114. Reason to Believe

Maryann M.
Michaela: (to Dorothy) "People can do amazing things, things they never even dreamed of doing when they believe in themselves."

115. All That Matters

Linda R.
Sully and Michaela: (to each other at two different times) "I love you. All I want is for us to be together, and I'm willing to do anything to make that happen."

116. A Matter of Conscience

117. Comfort of Friends

Rachel S.
Preston: "Considering Sully has been hiding the woods, you two must have been pretty ...resourceful..."

Rachel S.
Mike: "I'd like to confirm a pregnancy."
Andrew: "Yours?"
Mike: "Yes, of course mine."
Andrew: "Yes, yes of course yours!"

Dorothy: "Well, how are ya feelin'?"
Mike: "Dorothy I'm not's impossible."
Dorothy: "Impossible...(glances at her with questioning look)"
Mike: "Well, almost impossible..."
(Dorothy looks at her again.)
Mike: "I'm not pregnant..."

Grace: "That's my mushroom gravy."
Michaela: "It's not your food Grace. I've just been feeling peculiar Dorothy: "I think it's something else."
Michaela: "No."
Dorothy: "I think she is."
Grace: "She's what?"
Dorothy: "Well, I found her nappin' before at the clinic and now she's sick to her stomach."
Grace: "Ohh..."
Michaela: "No, no!"
Grace: "Have you gotten your monthly?"
Michaela: "That doesn't prove anything...a woman's cycle is often disrupted in times of worry."
Grace: "All right Dr. Mike, you could be worried. But if you ask me, I think you're pregnant."

Dan M.
Michaela: "What would I do without you?"
Dorothy: "What would we do without each other?"

118. Wave Goodbye

119. A Place Called Home

120. Lead Me Not

Sully: "Part of finding a balance means falling down from time to time, doesn't it?"

Hank: "Any man who can't hold his liquor has no business being around it."
Jake: "It's the sinners who sell it who are the devil's tools. It ain't the poor saps who drink it."
Hank: "Well, any man hiding behind the skirts of a bunch of Bible-thumping spinsters don't deserve the company of a good woman...a real woman..."

Horace: "What're you doin', thinkin' of takin' on Hank?"
Jake: "He stole my girl!"
Hank: "She's been teachin' me how to read. I asked her not to say nothin'. Didn't see as it was anybody's business but mine."

Deb K.
Loren: (to Marjorie) "I respect your opinions, no matter how wrong they are."

121. A Time to Heal

Hank: "Sorry, we ain't hirin'." - said to Michaela and her mother and sisters, when they came into the Gold Nugget to talk and rent rooms, since the clinic was full of diptheria patients.

Loren: (Re: Marjorie's yelling at Michaela) "Marjorie, behave yourself!"
Marjorie: "But...Michaela..."
Loren: "Marjorie Quinn, Dr. Mike loves you, though sometimes for the life of me I can't figure out why. She would never do anything to hurt you...and neither would I."

122. Civil Wars

123. Safe Passage

124. Homecoming

125. Point Blank

Arlene B.
VERY emotional scene (Emmy material!)
Michaela: "I'm scared."
Sully: "I know ya are, but I also know that you're a very brave woman."
Michaela: (whispering) "No."
Sully: "Yes, ya are. You're the same woman that left Boston to come all the way out here to be a doctor. You're the same woman that stood in front of chargin' army. You're the same woman who jumped off a cliff with me."
Michaela: "I'm not that woman, anymore."

126. Seeds of Doubt

Andrew: "I've been doing a lot of thinking lately about my feelings for you and how I'm never able to say the right words, the words I've been wanting to say for a long time now. I love you, Colleen."
Colleen: "I love you too, Andrew."

127. 7 Kinds of Lonely

128. Life in the Balance

Wu Jing Yang: (speaking of her grandfather, a Chinese medicine man, and his reluctance to accept western medicine) "He is not a stubborn man, just convinced of the correctness of his thinking."

129. Happily Ever After

130. Birdman

131. Vengeance

Jane W.
Marshall Burch (Willie Nelson): "Lawyers are the only thing that coyotes won't eat."

Kimberly L.
Daniel: "Dirty but still legal."
Burch: "...thought you were talking about me"

132. To Have and to Hold

133. The Fight

134. A New Beginning

Michaela (to Colleen): "I will always love you and support you, no matter what those choices may be."

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