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Quotes - Season Four

65. A New Life

Rachel S.
Preston: "That woman's a doctor? I can hardly wait to get sick!"

Dorothy: "We gotta speak up, make our feelings known."
Loren: "It's just gonna fall on deaf ears."
Dorothy: "Then we'll just have to talk louder."

Arlene B. and Nancy M.
Sully: (to Michaela) "Lovin' you is different from lovin' Abigail. I never had the feelings I had for her that I have for you."

Pat P.
(Mike and Sully are kneeling in the garden)
Sully: "Wherever we go, whatever we do, we will always be one."
Mike: "It's not just you or me anymore; it's us."

66. Traveling All-Stars

Mike: (trying to figure out a line-up for the CS team) "I can't put Horace there. He's worried about striking out..."
Sully: (taking her paper and pencil from her) "He ain't the only one..."

Jennifer R.
Mike: "He caught it!"

Dr. Mike: "Horace, are you all right?"
Jake: "How many fingers?"
Horace: "Chocolate."
Dr. Mike: "I think he's finished for the day."

Rachel S.
Mike: "And running for Mr. Slicker will be ... Cloud Dancing!"

67. Mothers and Daughters

Rachel S.
Grace: "You're still at the honeymoon stage. Enjoy it, cuz it ain't gonna last forever."
Myra: "Pretty soon, it just becomes part of the daily routine ... like brushin' your teeth."
* * * * *
Michaela (as she and Sully kiss and embrace): "How can anyone say this is like brushing your teeth?"

Sheri C.
"I appreciate your enthusiasm." - said by both Mike and Sully to each other

68. Brother's Keeper

Esther G.
Sully: "Blamin' don't fix things; just makes 'em go on pickin' at folks."

69. Halloween III

70. Dorothy's Book

71. Promises, Promises

Marilyn L.
Sully sits on the steps lost in a memory. Mike comes outside with mugs of coffee. Tentative, she joins him.
Michaela: "A good letter?" Smiling, he nods and takes the coffee. It's hard for Mike to ask. "From someone special?"
Sully: "Yeah. Go back more'n twenty years... Even partners once."
Michaela: (working to keep her insecurities in check) "She must be quite a friend, then."
Sully: (nods, then reacts) "She?"
Michaela: " D.S."
Sully: "Daniel?"
Michaela: (unexpected) "Who's Daniel?"
Sully: (confused) "My friend." He holds up the letter. Mike is uncertain what to make of it.
Michaela: "And your friend always uses lilac water when he writes?"
Sully: "Daniel can't write. He had some lady in town....."
He stops, realizing from Mike's reaction what she had thought. Sully waits as Mike tries to regain some dignity.
Michaela: "Do I look as foolish as I feel?"
Sully: "I think you're beautiful when you're jealous."
Grinning, he pulls her to him. They share a close moment.

Nancy T.
Dorothy to Michaela: "Keepin' promises when it's convenient is easy, but it don't count for much in life."

(in-between kissing and "enthusiasm")
Sully: "Michaela?"
Michaela: "Mmh?"
Sully: "We gotta talk."
Michaela: "About what?"
Sully: "About Daniel."
Michaela: "Daniel who?"
Sully: "My friend ... Nevada ...?"
Michaela: "Can't we talk about this some other time?"
-- the next morning --
Sully: "Think ya got time for that talk now?"
(Michaela blushes and shyly smiles)

Brandy B.
Dorothy: "Loren! These are paying customers! And what are you doing dressed like an undertaker?"

72. The Expedition

73. One Touch of Nature

Pat P.
Sully to Mike: "Whether or not we make a baby, we sure can have fun trying."

Rachel S.
Mike: "Sully, I'm ... we're ... we're going to have baby!"
Sully: "How do you know?"

74. Hell on Wheels

Matthew: "Goodbye, Ingrid."

75. Fifi's First Christmas

Sheri C.
Matthew: "What's a dog like that good for?"
Sully: "Bait."

Barbara B.
Brian to Fifi: "I like all animals, even those with ribbons."
"All right Fifi, time to prove you're a dog."

Sully: "Just 'cause somethin's out of reach, don't mean you can't get it."

76. Change of Heart

Sully: "Feelin' somethin' for a woman is part of bein' alive."

77. Tin Star

Nancy T.
Dr. Mike: "England doesn't use guns."
Loren: "That's why we beat 'em in the Revolution, they didn't know how to use a gun!"

78. If You Love Someone

79. Iceman Cometh

80. Dead or Alive

Barbara B.
Ezra Leonard (referring to Preston): "This man is going places!"
Jake: "Not soon enough!"

Barbara B.
Michaela: "Dr. Cassidy, it's obvious that your definition of a woman will always differ from mine. Why don't we agree to disagree and leave it at that?"

Hank: "Care to show us some of them....moves?"
Preston: "With you?"
Hank: "Why not? Been a while since I mixed it up a bit."
Jake: "Yeah, at least a week."

81. Deal With the Devil

Michaela: "You did the right thing, Hank."
Hank: (with a smirk on his face) "Don't let it get around."

82. Eye for an Eye

83. Hearts and Minds

Marilyn L.
Dr. Mike: "All we want to do is give them a new way of learning, so they can have both ways."
Sully: "Just so long as the new way don't wipe out the old."

Marilyn L.
Reverend: "Unfortunately, the white man's world is the world in which they're going to have to live. We're just trying to help them survive."
Cloud Dancing: "What of their true nature will survive if they live as white people?"
He strides off. Mike turns to Sully:
Dr. Mike: "All we want to do is prepare them for the future."
Sully: "They won't have a future if they don't have a past."

Marilyn L.
Cloud Dancing: "They killed our people before... and now I feel I am watching them die again."

Marilyn L.
Reverend: "What did I do wrong, Dr. Mike? I only wanted to do the right thing."
Dr. Mike: "I know. They don't ask us to share their religion, Reverend. Should we make them share ours?
Reverend: "They don't share our medicine, either, but you help them with it.
Dr. Mike: "Medicine is different..."
Reverend: "How? You took an oath to save lives with your medicine, I took an oath to save souls with my faith..."
Dr. Mike: (gently) "I thought our job here was to educate their minds."

84. Reunion

Colleen: "You can't give up now, Dorothy, not after you've come this far."
Dorothy: "A little too far, I'm afraid. I bit off more than I can chew. I can't do it."
Colleen: "The only reason you can't do it is because you don't think you can."

Miriam: "I came out here expecting to find you wallowing in some filthy backwoods town. I thought the stories that you wrote in your letters were lies ... much like mine. I was relying on you to ease my guilt, to make me feel better about the choices that I had made."
Michaela: "You could still go back to medicine, if that's what you want. You could open a practice."
Miriam: "No, that part of my life is over. The dye has been cast."
Michaela: "Only if you say it has. There are still plenty of choices left to make, Miriam. Dreams don't have to end."

85. Woman of the Year

Angie D.
"Truth is, Dr. Mike saved my life!" - said by several people in the town (even turned into a joke on the set by the cast and crew, complete with t-shirts.

Elizabeth S.
Hank: "If anyone asks, you don't know me!" (he is avoiding his Nana in the Saloon)

86. Last Chance

Michelle P.
Sully: (talking about Two Spears, the Pawnee Indian who stabbed CD) "But I don't know if I can trust him."
Cloud Dancing: "You cannot trust him because he cannot trust you."

Michelle P.
Cloud Dancing: (as he watches two soldiers drag Two Spirits away) "Where is he going?"
Sully: "Another reservation."
Cloud Dancing: "Who's decision was this?"
Sully: "It was mine."
Cloud Dancing: "That could be me some day."
Sully: "No, wait, Two Spirits was causin' trouble. I had no choice."
Cloud Dancing: "There is always a choice."

87. Fear Itself

88. One Nation

89. When a Child is Born

Barbara B.
Elizabeth to Preston: "You will kindly wait you turn and be pleasant doing so!"

Colleen: "Your pa made this just for you...our pa."

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