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Quotes - Season Five

90. Runaway Train

Claire V.
Sully: "You and me Michaela, we always make it work. It ain't always been easy, but we'll get through it together."

91. Having It All

92. Malpractice

93. All That Glitters

94. Los Americanos

Cheryl M.
Guillermo: "This town is not so bad."
Teresa: "But everyone here is a gringo."
Guillermo: "Do you not wish to become like the shopkeeper? Even gringos enter this world with the heart of a child. They cannot all be thieves."

95. Last Dance

96. Right or Wrong

97. Remember Me

98. Legend

99. The Tempest

100. Separate, But Equal

101. A Place to Die

102. Season of Miracles

Cloud Dancing: "Where one path ends, another begins."

Jennifer M.
Sully: "Sometimes the miracle is in finding the strength to accept what's happened."

103. The Dam

104. Farewell Appearance

Michaela: "That's the truest test of love: allowing those who are dear to us to make decisions that might disappoint us, or hurt us, and loving them just the same."

105. The Most Fatal Disease

106. Colleen's Paper

Vicki S.
Andrew: "Michaela, I'm a doctor, I think I'd be able to tell..."
Michaela: "That you're pale and you're sweating and you have a fever, which means that you're sick?"

107. Between Friends/A House Divided

Joanna W.
Michaela: "Welcome Home."
Sully: "It's the only place I wanna be."

108. Hostage

109. The Body Electric

Kate S.
Sully: "This poem is sayin' what I feel in my heart."
Michaela: "If only people could see, it's nothing to be afraid of."

110. Before the Dawn

111. Starting Over

Michaela: (about Marjorie) "She's such a stubborn, obstinate....."
Sully: "Quinn." (grins)

112. His Father's Son

113. Moment of Truth

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