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Quotes - Season One

Various repeated lines throughout the series:

Horace: "I took an oath!"

Pam H.
"Sully!" - Mike, whenever she breathes his name.

Pam H.
"Oh Robert E!" - Grace, with that distinct exasperated inflection to her voice.

1. Premiere/Pilot

Michaela: "Maybe I belong in a different world."

Rachel S.
Michaela: "I believe I spelled it out quite clearly. That's Michael with an 'a'. My father was expecting a male."
Reverend: "So was I."

Reverend: "There are no respectable, single women living in Colorado."
Dr. Mike: "That's a shame, Reverend. Every town ought to have at least one."

Charlotte Cooper: "Bein' a woman, that's one thing. Bein' a doctor, that's another. Bein' unmarried, that's another. You got enough black marks to last you a long time."

Charlotte to Mike about the loss of men: "Funny, it don't matter how you lose them, the pain's still the same."

Charlotte (to Dr. Mike): "No one around here cared much for that war."

Joanna W.
Michaela: (to Hank) "I'm not a lady, I'm a doctor."

Joanna W.
Michaela: (taking her advertisement for housing from Sully) "You took it down."
Sully: "No, I'm answerin' it."

Aurelia B.
Sully (to Michaela): "Sometimes life just has a way of takin' its own course."

Reverend: "This is most embarrassing Miss Quinn & I want to apologize for the inconvenience. But we will of course pay your way back to Boston."
Dr. Mike: "That won't be necessary, thank you. Colorado Springs needs a doctor and I happen to be one."

2. Epidemic

Kim B.
Olive: "Truth ta rights, those children should be living with me."
Dr. Mike: "It wasn't your name Charlotte spoke on her death bed!"

Sully: "Will she live?"
CD: "She fights hard."
Sully: "Will she live?"
CD: "That is up to you."

3. The Visitor

Sully: (to Elizabeth Quinn) "You know, maybe if we had a doctor like your daughter, my wife and baby would still be alive."

Barbara B.
Michaela: "Savages don't knock, Mother."

Megan B.
Michaela: "Sometimes, Mother, I think you must really hate me."

Jennifer M.
Dr. Mike: (to Colleen) "Never hide behind the fact that you're a woman. And don't give up on your dreams just because you're afraid you can't achieve them in a man's world. You just have to fight even harder to make them come true".

Kolya S.
Elizabeth: "All you said was that you were looking for advice on child rearing."
Michaela: "Yes, and I'm still waiting for it."

Kolya S.
Robert E: "Heaven! Am I goin' to Heaven?!"
Michaela: "No, Robert E, you're not going to Heaven, not yet anyway."

Kolya S.
Loren: "Call me Loren. What do you friends call you? Betty? Betsy? Lizzy?"
Elizabeth: "My friends call me Elizabeth."

Kolya S.
Elizabeth: "Michaela? Does that man live here?"
Michaela: "What man?"
Elizabeth: "That ... that ... savage."
Michaela: "Oh, you mean Sully."
Elizabeth: "Umm. Umm. Sully."
(knock at the door)
Michaela: "Savages don't knock, Mother."

Kolya S.
Michaela (to Elizabeth): "There are some women, you meet, and it's as if you've known them forever. Other women you can know for a lifetime, and it's as if they're complete strangers."

Kolya S.
Grace: "You gotta save him."
Michaela: "I'm trying, Grace. I'm trying."
Grace: "Sometimes people disappoint you, and you just have to let it go and love them anyways."

Kolya S.
Colleen: "I'm going to die."
Elizabeth: "What makes you think you're going to die?"
Colleen: "I'm bleedin'. I've been bleedin' for two whole days."
Elizabeth: "Ah, you're not going to die. You're just growing up. You're becoming a woman. Come, let's have a little chat."

Kolya S.
Myra (to Horace): "You wanna talk to me?"

Kolya S.
Michaela: "Emily, you're anemic."
Emily: "Is it fatal?"
Michaela: "Heaven's no. You'll be fine."

Kolya S.
Michaela: "Why can't you accept me for what I am?"
Elizabeth: "And what are you? You're an unmarried woman, trying to raise three children, in a shack, in the middle of nowhere. And offering your medical services to a bunch of back-woodsman, who pay you in potatoes and in chickens."

4. Law of the Land

Kid Cole (Johnny Cash): "Nice little town here, peaceful like. And ya can't beat the view." - speaking of and to Dr. Mike.

Michaela: "A town should be a place where we look out for one another. And that means all of us, whether we've been here for ten years, one year, or one month; whether we're from Ireland, Sweden, or Boston."

5. The Healing

Rachel S.
(Colleen is crying)
Mike: "Lots of people were unpopular in school and grew up to be well-liked."
Colleen: "Like who?"
Mike: "Well, umm....Abraham Lincoln!"
Colleen: "Yeah, but they shot him!"

6. Father's Day

7. Bad Water

Mike: "Thank you, but I don't need you to wait on me."
Sully: "There's no shame in lettin' people help ya."
Mike: "I'm sorry. I just wanted to show you I could do whatever you could. Now look at me, I'm almost helpless."
Sully: "Why dontcha quit tryin' so hard."
Mike: "Old habit."
Sully: "Give it up."

8. Great American Medicine Show

9. Cowboy's Lullaby

10. Running Ghost

Brandy B.
Thaddeus Birch: "I had a lady doctor take out my lumbago in St. Louis."
Dr. Mike: "Took it right out, did she?"

Kim B.
Mike: (to Thaddeus Birch) "Who can I blame if Sully can't ever walk again?"

11. The Prisoner

12. Happy Birthday

Rebecca B.
Sully: "Good race."
Cloud Dancing: "No. I could not have beaten you.....What are you running from?"
Sully: "Nothin'."
Cloud Dancing: (nodding his head knowingly) "Woman troubles. I have seen it many times. It has been many seasons since you have had love."
Sully: "I ain't sure I'm ready."
Cloud Dancing: "Once you were afraid of horses. Now you ride like the wind."

Pam H.
Loren: (when Sully's looking at one of the dresses on the stand in the store) "What you gaukin' at?"
Sully: "Nothin'."

Barbara B.
Michaela: "I know what people are saying about me, that I'm an old maid."
Colleen: "That's not what they're sayin'."
Brian: "Yeah, no one's said nothin' about the maid part."

Joanna W.
Sully: "Nice sign."
Michaela: "Thank you." (turning to face the owner of the voice) "Sully?"
Sully: "What? Can't a man get dressed up for a special occasion?"

Grace: (greets Dr. Mike who's accompanying Hank to the café) "Got something new on the menu. (glances at Hank) Wild turkey!"

13. Rite of Passage

Connie P.
Sully to Matthew: "That's the path to wisdom, to be able to say, 'I don't know'."

14. Heroes

Brandy B.
Reverend: "I think it's time to set aside our differences."
Hank: "Not by my watch."

15. The Operation

16. The Secret

Hank: (to Dr. Mike): "Michaela Quinn's never afraid."

Hank: "What's it like to walk on water, Michaela?"

17. Portraits

Esther G.
Brian: "Why do they need suits for swimmin'? I don't wear nothin'!"
Michaela: (tongue very in cheek) "I think it's because it's cold.....right, Sully?"
Sully: (caught off guard) "Somethin' like that."

Mr. Watkins (Kenny Rogers): "You must be in one of my photo's."
Sully: "I can't promise that."
Watkins: "I've noticed that you have difficulty makin' promises."
Sully: "What do you mean?"
Watkins: "It's just if a woman like Dr. Quinn looked at me the way she looks at you? I'd fall down on one knee and promise myself to her forever."

Claire V.
Sully to Michaela: "The truth is I care about you all a lot... especially you."

Olive: "You oughta hear what folks have been sayin' in there."
Michaela: "Like what?"
Olive: "All sorts of hateful things, about hairy eyebrows and ugly noses. And how Mrs. Hosper of New York City ought to have been born a man."
Loren: "I saw her picture--I agree."

Watkins: "You have beautiful eyes."
Michaela: "Sshh."
Watkins: "It's hard not to notice when I'm this close to them ... Whiskey, and truth, should both be served straight up, Doctor."

Michaela: "My life is very ordinary."
Watkins: "After my years of photographing the war, I think an ordinary life is amazing--when viewed from the proper angle."

Watkins: "Dr. Quinn, I do not want the war to be all that I remember when I close my eyes forever. I want to take every photograph I can. I want to fill my memory with wonder and beauty. I want to recall every sunrise--and every mountain peak that reaches for the heavens. And I want to remember women--who look just the way you do right now.....May I take your portrait? Please?"

Watkins: "It is beautiful--worth every step."
Sully: "The Cheyenne say this is the place where heaven and earth come to talk each day."

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