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Quotes - Season Three

42. Sanctuary

Matthew: "I guess what I'm saying is...I'm gonna miss livin' with all of you."

Lynne W.
Dr. Mike: "The first time you told me you loved me was on a train. Do you still?"
Sully: "I'll always love you."
Dr. Mike: "And we are getting married? You weren't just saying that for the children's sake?"
Sully: "Next May like we planned."
Dr. Mike: "Sully the truth is, the train's coming. You can't stop it. I couldn't have stopped it either. The changing. All we can do is to make sure it changes the way we want it to."
Sully: "Easier said than done."
Dr. Mike: "It's not easy at all. But since when has that mattered to you? I've seen you fight for what you believe."
Sully: "I'm good at fixin' things when I can see what's wrong. This thing that's comin', it's so big, I don't know where to start."
Dr. Mike: "We'll find a way....but I promise you, if the day ever comes that I see your heart breaking, and you can't take it any longer, we'll pack up."

43. Fathers and Sons

Pat P.
Sully to Mike on teaching Brian about the 'birds and the bees': "Not everythin' ya need to know comes from a book." (ooh, the implications there!).

Sheri C.
Loren: "I made a reservation on a boat, and I'm goin' to BO-livia."

Sully (to Michaela): "There's only one thing I know about women - you gotta be lucky enough to find the right one, and then never let her go."

44. Cattle Drive

Brian (to Loren): "Miss Olive whould be proud."

Kate S.
Sully: "When I first saw ya, I remember thinkin' you had the most beautiful long, brown hair I ever saw."

45. The Library

Sully: "Courtin's like reading a book. You gotta take each chapter in order."
Michaela: "Some chapters are harder to get through than others."
Sully: "But you read 'em all. Otherwise, you'd be cheatin' yourself outta the whole book."

46. Halloween II

Sheri C.
Loren: "Of course they're true! That's how they get to be rumors!"

47. A Washington Affair

Mona K.
Hotel Manager to Sully about Cloud Dancing: "Tell him that there is absolutely no cooking in the rooms."
Cloud Dancing, in response: "Tell him if the food is good, I will not have to cook".

Sheri C.
Mike: "And you're not a bad general."

48. Money Trouble

Hank: "What's that squallin'?"
Jake: "Somebody's singing'. Sounds like Myra."
Hank: "Myra can't sing!"
Jake: "Well that ain't stoppin' her. Listen!"

49. Thanksgiving

50. Ladies' Night

Michaela (to Brian): "When that tree gets to be a hundred, it doesn't matter that you're not here to see it. What matters is today. Today you held a hundred years in your hand."

Pam H.
Loren: "Someone stole my purse!!"
Michaela: "I'm sorry to hear that, Loren, but I must say, you are looking quite lovely this evening."

Michaela is sitting in front of her looking glass, touching her breast and thinking of Dorothy's loss. Sully's hand appears on top of hers, and he leans down to whisper:
"I know what you're thinkin', and the answer's yes. I'll always love you, no matter what happens. I'll always find you as beautiful as the first day I saw you."

51. First Christmas

Loren: "Just bad for business, havin' 'em here. You know how they are."
Michaela: "No, Loren, I don't know. Would you please explain to me why?"

Nancy T.
Michaela: "That is one of the great things about this country. You get to meet people of all nations and we learn from them".

Mike: "You mean if I were Arapaho and you were Cheyenne..."
Sully: "We Couldn't get married, nope..."[pause] "I'd have to carry you off in the middle of the night."

He sweeps her into his arms. As they kiss she whispers, "Oh Sully."

Dan M.
Itshak: "One has to believe that people are basically good at heart."

52. Indian Agent

Sully: "The Cheyenne taught me that what's important is the earth, and that the spirit of the people is the people."

53. End of the World

54. Pike's Peace

Mike: "They didn't warm up to me, either, at first."
Sully: "I did." [Pause] "That feels real nice." (speaking of Mike massaging his wounded foot)
Mike: "You know what Sam said? She said that seeing us together is like watching a fire burn."
Sully: "Is that good?"
Mike: "Well, ignore a fire and it burns out. But if you tend to it, take care of it, feed keeps growing bigger, burns brighter."
Sully: "I think Sam's a wise lady. And I been thinkin' 'bout how bad I wanna marry you. And it doesn't matter to me where it is. You wanna go to Boston? We'll have the weddin' there."
Mike: "My life is here now, with you and the children. I want us to be married here, at home."

Jake: "Who the hell is Ralph Waldo?"
Loren: "Probably another darn woman from Boston."
Hank: "Great, now we've got two of them."

Sam Lindsey: (speaking of Hank) "That long-haired fellow with the beard is quite a looker, isn't he?"

55. Cooper vs. Quinn

Colleen: "I'm not a little girl anymore. I don't need you."
Ethan: "Colleen, you always need your father."
Colleen: "Father? Sully is my father!"

Ethan Cooper: "Isn't it true that my son, Brian, jumped from a tree and nearly died in Sully's care thinking he could fly because Sully told him some Indian mumbo-jumbo?"
Loren: "Yeah, but if I told you a story 'bout a flyin' carpet, you wouldn't go and try to fly one, would ya?"

Sully: (to Michaela) "You always come back to those ya love." - when they were facing Colleen and Brian leaving with their real father.

56. What Is Love?

Sheri C.
Mike: "ACTORS!"

By: Brian Cooper
Love is a bunch of red brocade curtains that came all the way from Denver.
Love is a pair of old boots that once belonged to Ingrid's father.
Love is a lucky stone that your grandma gave you from a far off land.
And Love is an engagement ring, saved up to be given on a day that is special.

57. The Things My Father Never Gave Me

58. Baby Outlaws

Reverend: "We'll be prayin' for you, Belle."
Belle: "Too late, Reverend. I'm headed straight to Hell."

Michaela: (to Colleen) "You can't close your heart and give up on people. When you shut the door, no one can get in."

59. Bone of Contention

60. Permanence of Change

61. Washita

May R.
Snow Bird - "You are a stubborn man, I don't know how I have slept with you all these years!"
Cloud Dancing - "I am fond of you, also."
(the last words spoken between them before the massacre at Washita occurred)

Nancy A.
Even as Snowbird lay dying there were no poetic professions of love - they were not needed. We had, instead, Snowbird's simple question, "What will my husband do without me?"

Carolyn W.
Michaela: "I can't say if your spirits exist or not. I'm not even sure how I feel about my own God anymore."
Cloud Dancing: "Just because we are angry with them does not mean they will go away."

62. Sully's Recovery

Loren: "Ain't those graves?"
Sully: "Yep. Nothin' we can do."
Loren: "You gotta stop 'em!"
Sully: "Ya know ya don't care about the Cheyenne land."
Loren: "No...but you do."

Sully: "Will you quit singin'. We ain't drivin' cattle."
Loren: "Keeps my mind off the pain." (Loren's leg is broken)
Sully: "Well you're givin' me a headache."
Loren: "Why don't ya just throw me down the edge and get it over with?"
Sully: "Don't tempt me."

63. Ready or Not

Carolyn W.
Brian (to Loren) :"I don't have a grandfather and your the oldest man I know."

Carolyn W.
Michaela: "I like conversation."
Reverend: "It is one of the great pleasures."
Michaela: "A famous poet once wrote that "marriage is like an endless conversation over the breakfast table," so couples should be comfortable with one another."
Sully: "I like talking, and I like having breakfast with you, but I also like kissing."
Michaela: "Well, there should be a balance."
Sully: "But you're good at kissin'."
Michaela: "Sully!"
Reverend: "Well, it's natural to wanna show affection."
Sully: "Ya don't have ta be afraid."
Michaela: "I'm not afraid."
Sully: "We love each other. We're gettin' married..."
Michaela: "Yes, I know that, but there's simply an appropriate place and time."
Sully: "I guess I always feel like its the right time."
Reverend: "Well, people have different ways of showing affection."

Carolyn W.
Michaela: "Will you forgive me?"
Sully: "Yes. Even though I didn't mean it, I know I hurt ya. Will you forgive me for that?"
Michaela: "Yes, completely."
Reverend: "So, are we ready for the wedding?"
Michaela: "You were right about something. I am a little frightened. You've been married before, but I haven't."
Sully: (whispering close to her ear) "Don't worry, we'll take it ever so easy."

Sully: "Trust me."
Michaela: "I do."
Reverend: "Glad I could help you both."
Sully: "The only thing we're gonna be wonderin' is why we didn't get married sooner."

64. For Better or For Worse

Barbara B.
Michaela "I was wanting to talk to someone...with experience."
Dorothy: "Oh that, it's as easy as falling off a log."
Michaela: "You forget. I've never....fallen off a log."
Dorothy: "Oh...well...I'll tell you all I know, for what it's worth."

Sully: "Pride is a foolish mans' burden. I oughta know Matthew."

Custer: "I could just kill you now and be done with it."
Sully: "But you won't."
Custer: "No?"
Sully: "No. Cause you been doin' a little too much of that lately. People got their eye on you. People in high places."
Custer: "But I can still kill your friend."
Sully: "You could, but then I'd have to kill you."

Hank: "Speakin' of ladies. May I?"
Marjorie: "No, you may not."
Hank: "Pleased to almost meet you."

Sully: "There's nothin' that you can't say to me, you know that."

Loren: "Aint it grand?" (speaking of the train)
Sully: "Sure if what you want is a train rolling into town."

Nancy A.
When Sully tells Cloud Dancing that he thinks of Snow Bird often, CD responds with "I do not, I have no need, she fills me." Now THAT'S love.

Hank: "You're gettin' one helluva woman!"
Robert E: "Good Luck Sully."
Jake: "You're gonna need it."

Loren: (after Marjorie's outburst, he points to Mike) "And I thought this one was bad!"

Mike: "Hank is well...Hank."
Rebecca: "Well, I think he's a provincial sort of way."
Marjorie: "He's a pig."

Hank: "What's the matter with Sully? You'd think he's happy to finally..."
Rev: "Hank, this discussion can hold."
Brian: "It's all right, Reverend. Ma told us about the birds and the bees."
Rev: "I doubt she told you Hank's version."

Anne M. and Sarah M.
Michaela: "I'll be your family."
Sully: "An' I'll be your best friend."

Sully: (pulling a shade down and kissing Michaela in between each "darker") "It's gettin''' darker....."
Michaela: (pulling down the final shade) "and darker..."

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